GIMI Recognizes Abdulla Alrajhi Foundation's Commitment to Innovation with Level 1 Certification

It is with great pleasure that the Abdulla Alrajhi Foundation announces that it is the first non-for-profit organization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to receive the prestigious award “Innovative Organisation Level 1”  by the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI). The Boston-based Institute, known as the international gold standard for Innovation Management, has certified over 15,000 individuals worldwide and over 1200 organizations.

GIMI, the world’s foremost certification board for innovation and innovation management, recognizes that personal expertise in innovation does not necessarily guarantee organizational innovation capabilities. Dr. Hitendra Patel, Executive Director of GIMI, emphasized this point by stating, “We have observed that individual competency in innovation does not automatically translate into the ability of an organization to innovate.” To address this, GIMI has devised innovation standards specifically tailored for organizations. As part of this initiative, GIMI has developed a comprehensive four-level certification program for organizations, serving as both a roadmap and a starting point for aspiring innovation leaders.

“Congratulations to the Abdulla Alrajhi Foundation for becoming the second organization in KSA to achieve Innovation Level 1 certification by GIMI. You are a pioneer in your sector and you have set the standard for others to follow. Rely on GIMI support to continue your innovation journey” Mr. Patel said on behalf of the GIM Institute.

The CEO Dr. Abdulrahman Aloraini has expressed his happiness after the Abdullah alrajhi foundation obtained the innovation certification, due to the charity work in all fields, and commitment to excellence and innovation. Aloraini has said that ” working inside Abdullah alrajhi foundation, based on a method dependent on innovation, and we have technical staff that is qualified to work and handle the innovation methodologies and tools in high-efficiency”.

Dr. Rafael Lemaitre, Partner at Sia Partners – the official representative of GIMI in the GCC – also expressed its support to Abdulla Alrajhi Foundation “This remarkable accomplishment highlights the dedication and hard work of the Foundation, and we couldn’t be prouder for the team that has made this significant milestone possible.” In addition, Dr. Lemaitre mentioned that GIMI operations in KSA keep expanding significantly, after the large success achieved in the UAE, the KSA market is “showing a strong push to implement and adopt best practices in innovation, and is in this area where we believe that GIMI can make a difference

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