GIMI Futuristic Network

The Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI) has created a network of futuristic organizations that represent the best in cutting-edge research and knowledge in critical areas such as the metaverse, aging, healthtech, cleantech, and renewables.   As an innovation hub, GIMI’s goal is accelerate cooperation among these centers as they focus on trends shaping the future. Given the depth and breadth of each center’s expertise, GIMI and its partners hope solve the planet’s biggest problems using shared innovation frameworks, methodologies and tools. 

GIMI welcomes like-minded, best in class organizations to join in this endeavor.


Centralize the latest know-how around transformational trends such as green energy, metaverse, longevity, biotech etc. in one hub

Use GIMI frameworks, methodologies and tools and other open innovation programs to accelerate the innovation results from the research and insights of the centers it represents 

Collaborate with other centers of excellence/organizations to solve bigger and complex problems in an integrative way

Our Centers

At the core of our network lies a profound conviction in the transformative power of shared knowledge. Our dynamic hub serves as a nexus where members converge to explore and share new horizons and pioneer innovative solutions. With a focus on cutting-edge technologies like green hydrogen, carbon sequestration, renewable sources of energy, digital twins, and much more, our network facilitates seamless connections among members and projects in the energy transition sector. Join us in shaping a cleaner, brighter future through impactful collaborations and visionary insights from industry leaders.

At the heart of our collaborative network lies a commitment to advancing healthy longevity and seizing economic opportunities in the silver economy. Our hub serves as a nexus where stakeholders converge to explore and address the diverse needs of aging individuals. Through transformative alliances, we pioneer innovative projects for the silver economy, prioritizing inclusivity and well-being. Join us in shaping a future where longevity is synonymous with vitality, purpose, and inclusivity, enriching the lives of generations to come.

Partnering with global banks, banking experts and thought leaders, our IXL Center Banking Center of Excellence addresses digital transformation challenges such as outdated systems, faster time to market, too much focus on operational and process excellence, etc. We focus on building an innovation ecosystem that shares trends and insights from new age digital banking around the globe ensuring financial institutions stay agile. By fostering collaboration and exploring new technologies, we drive financial inclusion, streamline operations, and enhance security that thrives on anticipating disruptions.