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Certified University Partners (CUPs) are universities that have been approved by GIMI to offer innovation courses in their bachelor’s, master’s, and executive education programs, and deliver innovation consulting projects to their university client partners.

GIMI's Innovation Programs Prepare Students For The Future

Benefits For Certified University Partners

Benefits For The Students Of Certified University Partners

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Innovation courses

The Innovation Associate Level 1 course is designed to teach students about the use of idea generation tools and how to apply them in creating more and better ideas regarding innovation while developing an innovative mindset and skills. The course can be delivered online or face to face by GIMI experts or university professors that are trained to deliver our methodology

The Innovation Master Level 2 course is designed to apply Associate Level 1 learnings to solve a real-world issue or challenge on generating new growth ideas or opportunities for the organization. Students from master and executive education programs must build a case study by documenting their process and learnings, submitting it for evaluation, and getting feedback

The Innovation Manager Level 3 course is the first step to becoming a Certified Chief Innovation Officer.  It is designed to provide managers with a clear understanding of the innovation management techniques needed for their organizations to succeed. It includes an advanced understanding of business innovation strategy, capacity, and discipline

Leader Level 4 certification applies Manager Level 3 learnings to real challenges and comes up with insights and solutions in managing innovation within organizations. Applicants must submit a document of experience regarding an Innovation Ecosystem created within the company or Innovation Portfolio Management.

The Certified Leaders for the Future (CFL) are individuals who (1) lead collaboratively and are the best version of themselves, showcasing strong leadership values that support their vision and can use the Powers of AND to drive effective results and navigate the ambiguity and volatility of the business environment

Innovation programs

The  Innovation Olympics uses five diverse teams, a proven methodology, and a disciplined approach to delivering five business cases. It is a unique and practical program that challenges business school students to integrate their business knowledge on real innovation & growth while solving unique business challenges from big companies in diverse industries.

The  2x Growth program works side-by-side with consulting teams to enable powerful drivers to drive business success in cohorts of related companies. Each company is powered by a consulting team of 2-3 individuals with clear roles and responsibilities to deliver on client outcomes in bigger profits and higher revenues and sales.

Go program is a program intended to help companies that want to go international.MBA teams certified by us are assigned to this business for 8 weeks. Teams will follow a structured & disciplined process supported by an experienced IXL consultant. In the program, the businesses will understand the objectives and the standards of going global with an entry strategy.

The EPIC program is a one-week and cohort-based onsite experience that aims to forge a new generation of global leaders through innovative practices in diverse industries, offering tailored programs and an exclusive experience. EPIC exposes participants to a unique space for learning, experiencing local culture, and networking.

sebrae isabela
“The project 'Yes, I Can!' was built within 6 weeks of solid collaborative leadership methodology from the IXL Center. The program was a key resource for my future vision: “Yes, I Can!" is a powerful system to transform the special needs person’s entrepreneurial world. Now that “Yes, I Can!” is built, I believe my mistakes while executing it will lead me to improve it, supported by my self-confidence which is stronger than ever to move forward. I would refer this program to every person that wishes to discover the great leader within yourself!”
Isabela A. B. Amaral
Sebrae Corporate University Analyst
liam j
"Our ongoing partnership has yielded exciting and challenging learning experiences for our students on a scale that would be otherwise difficult for us to execute well. The organization is easy to work with and adaptable to our specific needs, bringing in consulting and international business knowledge that fits very well with our student programming. They have a unique offering in the market of college-level experiential learning, and we have learned from them and their approach to innovation in many forms!"
Liam J. Anderson, MBA, DBA
Director of Experiential Learning, Graduate Career Advancement University of Miami | Miami Herbert Business School

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