Organizational Innovation Assessment (OIA)

Built on global best practices, the GIMI Organizational Innovation Assessment evaluates and assesses your organization’s innovation strategy, capacity, and discipline. With a systematic approach, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of how your organization manages and fosters innovation across functions and departments.

The audit’s insights and actionable recommendations enhance your innovation performance, providing valuable guidance for success.

Unleash The Full Potential Of Your Organization Through The OIA

Identify strengths and weaknesses

Uncover Drivers & Barriers

Gain insight to make decisions and develop strategy

Continuous improvement

Strategic focus of efforts on areas with the greatest impact on innovation performance 

Leverage enablers while addressing barriers to improved innovation outcomes

The results guide the creation of an innovation roadmap and help set achievable goals

Measure progress and monitor trends to drive continuous improvement

Our Framework

Our High-Performance Innovation Framework- HPI has been implemented globally and was audited and endorsed as ISO+ compliant

How Does The Organizational Innovation Assessment (OIA) Work?

Evaluate your organization’s current and desired state of innovation through a structured questionnaire

Online Assessment

Interviews with Key Stakeholders

Documentation Review

Evaluate the organization’s current and desired state of innovation through a structured questionnaire with key questions and response options

Gather crucial information directly from key stakeholders within your organization to gain deeper insights into your innovation practices.

Thoroughly examine relevant documents to support findings and assess your organization’s innovation state

The Organizational Innovation Assessment (OIA) Has 3 Main Outcomes

Fuel growth and drive transformative success by uncovering gaps in your organization’s innovation strategy, capacity, and discipline, seizing opportunities, and gaining actionable insights


Gap Analysis

Drivers & Barriers

Innovation Roadmap

  • Reveals disparities between the organization’s current state and desired state in terms of innovation capabilities and practices
  • Identifies critical gaps and areas for improvement, enabling you to seize growth opportunities from ideation to execution
  • Provides key insights into what drives innovation success and identifies potential obstacles.
  • Helps you develop strategies to overcome barriers and accelerate innovation.
  • Provides you with achievable goals and actionable insights for effective innovation decision-making and implementation

Still Unsure if this is for you? Try our Self Pre Audit

With our Self Pre-Audit Package, you gain access to valuable resources and tools that empower you to assess your organization’s innovation readiness at your own pace. It includes:

Annual License for Online Assessment

Get exclusive access to our online assessment platform for one full year. Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your organization’s innovation capabilities, practices, and processes using our specially designed assessment questionnaire

IMBOK - Innovation Management Body of Knowledge

As part of the Self Pre-Audit Package, you will receive the IM BOK, a comprehensive guide that encapsulates the GIMI framework for innovation management. This invaluable resource offers deep insights into industry-leading best practices, enabling you to align your innovation efforts with global standards

Certification Requirements

Gain clarity on the certification process with our detailed list of requirements for each certification level. Understand the specific criteria and milestones needed to achieve certification excellence. Use this roadmap to guide your organization towards meeting the necessary standards and advancing your innovation journey


  • Limited Depth of Assessment: A self-audit provides a surface-level assessment and may not fully capture the complexities of the organization’s unique context, including its specific dynamics, culture, and challenges.
  • Reliance on Self-assessment: The results of a self-assessment may vary depending on the profiles selected to answer, potentially limiting the overall accuracy and completeness of the assessment.
  • Lack of Certification or Validation: Conducting a self-audit does not result in any type of certification or validation of the organization’s innovation maturity level by GIMI. Certification is only awarded when the audit is performed by a third-party certified GIMI auditor.

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  • Identify Gaps and Areas for Improvement
  • Uncover Drivers & Barriers to Innovation

  • Obtain Actionable Insights and a Roadmap

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