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Organization Innovation Certifications

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The GIMI Organization Certification is a prestigious credential that showcases an organization’s strong commitment to innovation. It certifies the maturity level of the organization’s innovation practices, aligning them with world-class standards, processes, and strategies. This certification serves as evidence of the organization’s dedication to driving growth through innovation

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Our Framework

Our High-Performance Innovation Framework- HPI has been implemented globally and was audited and endorsed as ISO+ compliant

Organization Innovation Certification Maturity Levels

Based on the company’s Pre-Audit, GIMI identifies the maturity level of the Innovation Management System and suggests the appropriate level to apply for certification 

Innovation Management

Level 1


  • Understand why they need to innovate and are willing to invest in different types of projects.
  • Has a well-defined innovation process, some alliances, and resources available for innovation
  • Has metrics linked to business strategy

Level 2


  • Communicates the case for change in the short, medium, and long term and the different fields of play to innovate
  • Has well-trained innovation teams, a regular agenda for innovation activities
  • Recognize individuals with outstanding innovation results

Innovation Leadership

Level 3


  • Has clear innovation targets and its portfolio has multiple projects on different time horizons with winning business models
  • The innovation process is functional, resources are allocated to innovation, and partners are managed systematically
  • KPIs are frequently measured and rewards and recognition are a formal process

Level 4


  • It is recognized as an innovation leader in the ecosystem and has remarkable innovation results
  • Has a systematic and dynamic process and high-performance innovation teams sharing knowledge across the industry
  • Continuously measure innovation performance and develops action plans to quickly adjust to changing environments

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Your organization will be granted a prestigious certificate and a letter of award directly issued by GIMI. These credentials serve as tangible proof of your organization’s achievement and recognition in the field of innovation management 

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