The GIMI Think Tank is a weekly virtual forum composed of GIMI ambassadors, Certified Training Partners, and other experts to share knowledge around innovation and promote collaboration

Participants are Innovation leaders from industry, government, and academia

Representatives from 5 continents and more than 25 countries

Standard agenda with sufficient flexibility to cover a range of innovation topics

GIMI Think Tank meets weekly on Wednesdays at 9 am EST Time


  1. Create a fluid, agile and solid community of innovators around the world who assist in solving big and bold challenges
  2. Create awareness around innovation and GIMI framework
  3. Share valuable and cutting edge knowledge by distinguished speakers among the community and to the interested audience
  4. Promote GIMI partners and recruit potential partners who can embrace GIMI framework and advance innovation in their countries

Topics covered



Country state of innovation



Paul van Son

Carolina Strobel

Sesha Pratap

Steve Wyatt​

Sean Sheppard

President at Dii Desert Energy

Operating Partner / COO Redpoint eventures

Partner at Brahma and at Maxos Studio

Professor at University of Bath School of Management

Managing Partner at U+

Topic: Renewable energy

Topic: Venture Capital

Topic: Blockchain

Topic: 4th Industrial Revolution ‘4IR’

Topic: Venture funds

Innovations have made renewable energy the market winner

Fast-growing venture-capital industry in Brazil

Reinvent business models, create new marketplaces, and engage customers

Skills, capabilities, and mindsets required to thrive in the 4th Industrial Revolution ‘4IR’

Silicon Valley exits, invested in 140+ startups across 3 VC funds. What we learned from building 90+ ventures

Ahmad Moradi

Jessica Day

Joel Litman

Andre Do Valle

Tunde Akindele

Rizzo Hahn

CEO & Founder of Netstairs

Co-founder at IDEASCALE

President and CEO at Valen’s Research

Founder do Wallet & Rig Squared

Director of Strategy and Innovation at Verizon

Managing Director at Accenture

Topic: Video-First Real-Time Digital Economy

Topic: Customer data

Topic: Financial Services

Topic: Crypto

Topic: 5G

Topic: Industry 4.0

Web Real-Time Communications with AI Streaming Video is the genesis of an insightful transformation

Leverage the collective intelligence of networks to create new business value

The at-home revolution, is in full swing and explains 80% of what’s happening in the stock market

Soon, all assets, like your house, your cash, will be tokenized, and earning interest

Will your industry be disrupted by 5g?

Industry 4.0 – The trends, opportunities and risks for the future


Louise Kelly

Florin PAUN​

Valentina De Matteo

António Alvarenga

Professor of Management and Leadership at University of La Verne

Chief Science & Partnership Officer at RAFAUT Group

Professor/Researcher at University of Bologna

Founder of ALVA R&C and International Foresight Expert

Topic: Women’s leadership

Topic: Demand Readiness Level

Topic: Circular Organizations

Topic: Future Foresight

A flexible leadership style for innovation – from ambidexterity to women’s leadership

New tool to hybridize the market pull approach with technology push while innovating

How to design resilient corporate environments through innovation knowledge

Make better decisions, improve strategy definition or policymaking, and spur innovation breakthroughs

Nic Palmarini

Garret Fitzpatrick

Sid Benraouane

Omar Saucedo

Director at NICA

Project engineer for the Next Generation Event Horizon Telescope

Chair of the US ISO Working Group on Innovation Management

Microsoft Techspark Community Manager

Topic: Longevity

Topic: Black Hole Cinema

Topic: ISO

Topic: US – Mexico border

Living longer an better with opportunities created by AI, Robotics, and Health Technologies

Building an earth-sized telescope to create the first movie of a black hole

Innovation Management and ISO perspective

The U.S. Mexico Border Innovation Opportunities Power Hub

Country state of innovation

Roberto Melo

Truls Berg

Isuru Subansighe​

Salim Berbache

Carlos Arruda

Professor of Management and Leadership at University of La Verne

Chief Science & Partnership Officer at RAFAUT Group

Professor/Researcher at University of Bologna

Partner at Ucotra Consulting

Associate Professor at Fundação Dom Cabral and member of Salesforce Brasil

Topic: State of innovation in Panama

Topic: State of innovation in Norway

Topic: State of innovation in Japan

Topic: State of innovation in Morocco 

Topic: Scale innovation in Brazil

State of Innovation in Panama and how to generate scalable entrepreneurial growth in Latam

State of Innovation in Norway and why is Open Innovation Lab of Norway leading the way forward

State of innovation in Japan and strategy to enter the market as GIMI 

How is the maturity of Moroccan SMEs evolving in terms of innovation? 

What is going on in Brazil to scale innovation in the corporate environment?

Benny Shlick

Massimo Andriolo

Alberto Arvizu

Rolan Garcia

Founder and Managing Director at Innovation Without Borders

Principal at IXL Center Italy

Director of Academic Services at Tecnológico de Monterrey

CEO and Founder at Embiggen

Topic: State of Innovation in Israel

Topic: State of Innovation in Italy

Topic: Innovation Ecosystem in Mexico

Topic: Innovation in Philippines

Israel’s innovation recipe cannot be coppied, it is an integration of culture, flexibility, directness, openness and self-confidence

Italy was a cradle of innovation … and now?

Tecnológico de Monterrey developing an Innovation Ecosystem with GIMI

The Future of Corporate Innovation in The Philippines


Hintedra Patel

David Chung

Innovation Guru

Chairman of Hong Kong Innovation Management Institute

Topic: Power of AND

Topic: Partership with universities

Leadership program: how we can build the best version of ourselves 

A unique partnership model with universities to co-organize different types of programs