GIMI Think Tank

The GIMI Think Tank is a weekly virtual forum composed of GIMI ambassadors, Certified Training Partners, and other experts to share knowledge around innovation and promote collaboration

Participants are Innovation leaders from industry, government, and academia

Representatives come from 5 continents and more than 25 countries

Standard agenda is sufficiently flexible to cover a range of innovation topics

Online program meets weekly on Wednesdays at 9:00 am (EST)

We Created The GIMI Think Tank To Be An Innovative And Collaborative Space To:

  • Create a fluid, agile and solid community of innovators around the world who assist in solving big and bold challenges
  • Create awareness around innovation and GIMI framework
  • Share valuable and cutting edge knowledge from distinguished speakers among the community and to the interested audience
  • Promote GIMI partners and recruit potential partners who embrace the GIMI framework and advance innovation in their countries

We Talk About:

Paul van Son

Carolina Strobel

Sesha Pratap

Steve Wyatt​

Sean Sheppard

President at Dii Desert Energy

Operating Partner / COO Redpoint eventures

Partner at Brahma and at Maxos Studio

Professor at University of Bath School of Management

Managing Partner at U+

Innovations have made renewable energy the market winner

Fast-growing venture-capital industry in Brazil

Reinvent business models, create new marketplaces, and engage customers

Skills, capabilities, and mindsets required to thrive in the 4th Industrial Revolution ‘4IR’

Silicon Valley exits, invested in 140+ startups across 3 VC funds. What we learned from building 90+ ventures

Rachid Yazami

António Alvarenga

Valentina De Matteo

Dr. CJ Meadows

Tapfuma Musewe

Founding Director & CTO at KVI Holdings

Founder of ALVA R&C and International Foresight Expert

Professor/Researcher at University of Bologna

Thought leader on tomorrow’s innovation

Executive Director at Afrifursa

Addressing major lithium-ion battery issues for electric mobility and beyond

Make better decisions, improve strategy definition or policymaking, and spur innovation breakthroughs

How to design resilient corporate environments through innovation knowledge

Why Design-Thinking Startups Succeeds Better and Attracts More Funding

Fintech Innovation in Africa: impact and growth

Dan Dodson

Manish Shah

Willem-Jan Jacobs

Bradley Andrews

Joshua Ngoma

System Director, Digital Health and Innovation at UNC

Food Industry Executive

Sales Director at Living Tomorrow

President Worley – UK, Nordics, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia

Founder & Chief Enabler at EARN

Innovation in Healthcare

 Food Ingredients Innovation

Creating a vision of how we will live and work in the future

Global trends and frontline insights from the European Energy Transition

Developing young African agripreneurs through modern and smart agriculture

Agostinho Almeida

Joanna Prieto

Rafael Obando

Damarys Zampani

Dr. Ai Addyson- Zhang

Chief Innovation Officer at Ecopetrol

Co-CEO of Geek Girls Latam

Head of East Coast and LATAM Partnerships at HubSpot

Strategic Growth Executive, President & Founder of

Education Disruptor – CEO and Founder at Classroom Without Walls

Science, technology, and innovation as a catalyst for sustainability

 Systemic approach to Sustainable Development Goal: 5 Gender Equality

The funnel is dead: Meet the flywheel

Resilient infrastructure with energy & water security

To Disrupt or be Disrupted: What’s Next in Education

Jonathan Reichental, PhD

Hassan Al-Brahim

Tammi Spring

Andres Joya

Rolan Marco Garcia and Kristine Bañez

Founder of Human Future

Executive Director at Civil Service and Government Development Bureau in Qatar

Principal, Spring Consulting & Creative 

CEO & Co-Founder at Coally

Founding CEO & Managing Partner of the Embiggen Group / Managing Director of Embiggen Ventures

Making Data Work For Your Organization

Unified Customer Experience

Designing Incentives for Crowdsourcing & Collaboration

How artificial intelligence is helping companies choosing and up-skilling their teams 

Corporate Venture Building: Strategic Growth by Building New Businesses

Katarina Brud

Joel Litman

Ahmad Moradi

Rizzo Hahn

Jessica Day

Director of MobilityXlab

President and CEO at Valen’s Research

CEO & Founder of Netstairs

Managing Director at Accenture

Co-founder at IDEASCALE

Pioneering the future of mobility – a story of startup corporate collaborations

The at-home revolution is in full swing and explains 80% of what’s happening in the stock market

Web Real-Time Communications with AI Streaming Video is the genesis of an insightful transformation

Industry 4.0 – The trends, opportunities, and risks for the future

Leverage the collective intelligence of networks to create new business value

Tunde Akindele

Andre Do Valle

Director of Strategy and Innovation at Verizon

Managing Partner at Clarity Ventures

Will your industry be disrupted by 5G?

Soon, all assets, like your house, your cash, will be tokenized, and earning interest

Watch Past Think Tank Sessions On Innovation

Florin PAUN​

TVG Krishnamurty

Louise Kelly​

Johannes Jarl

Rogério Bohn

Chief Science & Partnership Officer at RAFAUT Group

Mentor an advisor

Professor of Management and Leadership at University of La Verne

Executive Director at Innovation 360 Group

Global Mentor

New tool to hybridize the market pull approach with technology push while innovating

Why continuing education for the educated is urgent in this 21st century?

A flexible leadership style for innovation – from ambidexterity to women’s leadership

How working systematically with innovation management by assessing your teams from a 360-degree

Innovation in Family Business to generate innovative actions for traditional conservative family businesses

Manuel Mendes

Nicholas Haber

Alexander Haneng

Mohab Anis

Omar Saucedo​

Global Director at Boston Innovation Gateway

Director STEM and CTE at Certiport

SVP Innovation Partnerships at Posten and Bring

CEO at Innovety

Microsoft Techspark Community Manager

Understand why innovation is key for a successful international business market expansion

Digital Skills and Entrepreneurship: Driving Prosperity Through Certification

How did a 375-year-old postal service become Norway’s most innovative company?

Driving Innovation by Assessing Your Intellectual Assets

The U.S. Mexico Border innovation opportunities Power hub

Sid Benraouane

Rodolfo Cremer

Beatriz Daza

Mike Hatrick

Tony Ulwick

Chair of the US ISO Working Group on Innovation Management

Co-founder of Barcelona Business Innovation and Technology School

CEO of MacondoLab

Group Director IP Strategy and Portfolio at Volvo Trucks Technology

Strategyn Founder and CEO, Inventor, Author, and Innovation Thought Leader

Innovation management and ISO perspective

Innovation for education in the 21st Century

At MacondoLab, everything is possible: bringing ideas to life with the power of innovation

Chasing Innovation, why innovation programs fail, and what we should do about that

Taking the Guesswork Out of Innovation

Maria Cristina Córdova

Guillermo de Haro

Henry May

Johan Persson

Nicola Winter

Co-founder of Relaci & Founder at Innfiltrados

Interim Vice Dean, Graduate Programs at IE School of Science and Technology

Cofounder & CEO at Coschool

Partner at Rhubarbs

Member of the ESA astronaut reserve, pilot, speaker and Engineer

Collaborative Innovation: The standard way to innovate in the coming years

From Stoicism to Complex Problem Solving. How Data and People will save the world

Edumoción – an innovative bet to change education in LatAm

How maps changed how we approach innovation and strategy

Innovation, resilence and new leadership from Air and Space World

Nic Palmarini

Josep Miquel Piqué

Kevin Pang

Julius Bautista

Carlos Marquerie

Director at NICA

President – Triple Helix Association

Vice President of Business Development at Qnergy

Principal, Strategic Partner Engagements at Amazon Web Services

Vice Dean of Technologies at the Alfonso X University (UAX), Director of Liquid Innovation Lab

Yesterday, today was tomorrow (Ageing, our best opportunity)

Orchestration of Innovation Ecosystems: The Pacts of Innovation

From Dinosaur DNA to Methane Abatement: Innovation as a 3-ball Collision

Accelerating Growth and Innovation through the Cloud

Innovation Ecosystem: AI-based Competitive Route Map

Kristen Anderson

Ken Merkel

Steffen Gackstatter

Carlo Saveiro & Domenico Caprioli

Alice Chung

Advisor at StretchDollar

Chief Executive Officer at Unlimit

Partner at Roland Berger

Director of the CREST & Scientific Director of NEXT4

Sr. Analytics Manager, Genentech

Why startups win, and how any organization can capture some of the startup advantages

Kickstarting a transformational culture 

Best-practice Corporate Startup Engagement

Unified Customer Experience

How to utilize limited resources to harness/preserve innovative efforts

Carolina Duran

Greg Nuk

Dr. Ali Rashed Bin Ghaith Alsuwaidi / Ferdous Abdullah Hussein

Jeewan Chanicka

Praveen Gupta

Latin America Program Director at Building Markets Founder. Serial exit entrepreneur. Dedicated to human evolution.

Air Environment Sustainability and Environmental Assessment – Dubai Municipality / Chief Innovation Officer – Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

Director of Education at the Waterloo Region District School Board

Director of Quality – Stephen Gould Corporation

Small Business Powering the World

Why research shows that 75% of your innovation teams will underperform. And what to do about that.

Dubai Government Innovations towards a Sustainable Environment

Building the World’s Most Innovative School District: a case study on Innovation as a Driver for Transformation

Breakthrough Innovation Framework

Rodrigo Cortopassi G Lobo

Saker Ghani

John Herniman

Hector Maza

Dr. Khoh Soo Beng

Co-editor-in-chief & Professor

Innovation Transformation, and Product Leader Unlocked Ventures

Corporate Social Innovation and Quality Management of HES-Geneve

VP Strategy, Electrolyzer BU at Plug Power

Co-founder & Director PMO Innovations Sdn Bhd

Technology Forecasting and Corporate Strategy: An Innovation Dependent Trajectory

From Concept to Domination: The Story of Apple iPod

Exploring intrapreneurship and social intrapreneurship from within large corporations

Energy Transition Outlook

Innovate & Win: Minimise Risk, Maximise Returns with Innovation Management Framework and Process

Timiebi Aganaba

Adi Alon

Langdon Morris

Horacio Pinzón

Jordi Albo-Canals

Founder of Timiebi Aganaba LLC

Managing Director at IXL Center

Senior Partner InnovationLabs LLC

Buisness Development at Ecopetrol

Chief Scientific Officer at Lighthouse DIG

How space governance can help us to think about more down-to-earth

Fast Innovation – a process view for accelerationFast Innovation – a process view for acceleration

Design Thinking a Powerful Tool for Innovators

Green Horizon: Unveiling The Hydrogen Potential in Colombia’s Energy Transition

Navigating Innovation Frontiers: AI Powered Bionics

Geert van Kuijk

Chris Albinson

Kirsten Trusko

MS Ginbee Go

Marco Sanjuan

Co-Founder of the Centre for Organisational Creativity

CEO & President at Communitech

Co-Founder of PaaL & EMC

EVP & Head of Consumer Banking at the Bank of the Philippine Islands

Managing Director of Innovation at Promigas

Organizational Creativity: The fuel and spark for the innovation engine

How Canada became the global innovation leader – by combining Immigration, AI, and Trust

FinTech for Good: Innovation in delivery of disaster Funds

How does a 172-year-old institution stay relevant?

Biomethane and Hydrogen: Enablers of Renewable Natural Gas

Claudia Massei

Harlan Bennett

Manuel Leyva

Hitendra Patel

Felipe Bernal Guarin

Former CEO of Siemens Oman

Chief Innovation Strategist at Ever Evolving Inc.

VP of Growth at Esenttia

Managing Director at IXL Center

Global Energy Fellow at Columbia’s Center on Global Energy Policy (CGEP)

Digital Transformation and Energy Efficiency

The Measure of Innovation: Strategies for Cultivating and Capturing Value – Introducing ISO 56008

sINNplify to democratize Innovation

Would you Climb Mount Everest with Average People?

Shifting Gears: Facing the Complexities of the Energy Transition

Minette Navarrete

Sarah Hoit

Dr. Rafael Popper

Peter Marrin & Jacques Moss

Travis Kahle

President at Kickstart Ventures Inc.

Co-founder & Chairman at SIP

Director of Futures Diamond Ltd

Associate Director and Senior Research Analyst Energy, Sustainability & Infrastructure at Guidehouse Insights

Director of the Innovation Center
at the University of Charleston

Innovation to Execution: The Struggle is Real

Brain Health – Food as Medicine

Technology Foresight for Public Funding of Innovation: Methods and Best Practices

Hydrogen Electrolysis and Direct Air Capture: Scaling Up Capacity and Bringing Down Costs

Innovation through Play: Using Lego Serious Play Methodology to Foster Performance and Creativity

Paul Hobcraft

Tim Jaques

Business & Innovation Ecosystems Expert

Founder and CEO of Teaming Worldwide

A new business design that has innovation as its foundation connecting up the Enterprises in a Business Ecosystem design that is resilient, sustaining and adapting constantly

Top 3 Reasons Why Large Organization Innovation Programs Underperform … And What To Do About it

Watch Past Think Tank Sessions On The State of Innovation in Countries

Salim Berbache

Carlos Arruda

Isuru Subasinghe

Truls Berg

Roberto Melo

Partner at Ucotra Consulting

Associate Professor at Fundação Dom Cabral and member of Salesforce Brasil

Co-Founder & CEO at Serendipity in Research and Innovations

Founder & Leader Open Innovation Lab of Norway

President at Escala Latam

How is the maturity of Moroccan SMEs evolving in terms of innovation? 

What is going on in Brazil to scale innovation in the corporate environment?

State of innovation in Japan and strategy to enter the market as GIMI 

State of innovation in Norway and why is the Open Innovation Lab of Norway leading the way forward

State of innovation in Panama and how to generate scalable entrepreneurial growth in Lata

Alberto Arvizu

David Fernández

Eduardo Diogo

Rolan Garcia

Benny Shlick

Director of Academic Services at Tecnológico de Monterrey

CEO and Founder at TDM Internacional

Chief executive officer

CEO and Founder at Embiggen

Founder and Managing Director at Innovation Without Borders

Tecnológico de Monterrey developing an Innovation Ecosystem with GIMI

The innovation map in Mexico and the BIG challenges to be faced within digital transformation

Regenerative Leadership

The Future of Corporate Innovation in the Philippine

Israel’s innovation recipe cannot be copied, it is an integration of culture, flexibility, directness, openness and self-confidence

Massimo Andriolo

Dr. Akin Oke

Principal at IXL Center Italy

Founder Easy Data Ltd

Italy was a cradle of innovation … and now?

Nigeria’s Thriving Innovation Scene

Watch Past Think Tank Sessions On GIMI's IP And Progress

GIMI Impact

Leadership Program

Ron Jonash

Alice Garavito

Juie Yao Cooper

Erila Haska & Grayson Bass

Hitendra Patel, Manuel Mendes & Ron Jonash

Senior Consultant at IXL Center

Innovation Consultant at IXL Center

Senior Director at IXL Center

A certified course designed to empower high school students to build a more compassionate and innovative society

Experience of IXL developing 1584 leaders in Brazil to create their leadership journey and get certified by GIMI

Applying Innovation 4.0 approaches to accelerate new solutions for Aging and for Sustainable Green Hydrogen with Innovation Olympics

Successful experience in scaling up to support thousands of SMEs, building innovation capabilities and developing an innovation ecosystem for driving growth in Colombia

Uplifting small and underserved businesses and how growth through the 2x program

Hitendra Patel

Carolina Chitiva

Hitendra Patel

Brett Trusko

David Chung

Innovation Guru & CEO at IXL Center

Director of Business Development at IXL Center

Executive Director of GIMI

President of the International Association of Innovation Professionals

Chairman of Hong Kong Innovation Management Institute

Case studies and learning using AI in a strategic innovation process

INNOVA LATAM 2022, a successful strategy to drive innovation ecosystem collaboration

The Merger of GIMI and IAOIP What does it mean for the two communities? What are the initiatives planned for 2024?

IAOIP: Pioneering US ISO Standards and Fostering a Thriving Community. The Merger with GIMI and what lies ahead

A unique partnership model with universities to co-organize different types of programs