Top 10 Social Innovations

Happiness only increases by being shared. Researches have shown, that by our very nature, giving makes us far happier than receiving. Social innovation is a brilliant way to use one’s creativity and strategic thinking to tackle the most challenging world’s problems.

Social innovation is the creation of new ideas that address social problems by reconceiving the status quo to create more sustainable and just systems that benefit marginalized groups and society as a whole. To meet this definition, these ideas should be able to demonstrate their impact and consider pathways to financial sustainability and scale.* Social innovation is not only about helping the others, but it also has an impact on self-realization as a form of recognizing the impact one person can make; social innovation is a tool to build communities around the same purpose. It can affect a certain small group of people, a region or the entire world by bringing awareness of a social challenge.

Top 10 Social Innovations were gathered around the effort to re-build people’s lives (e.g.  The attempt of Alberta Local Government to reach zero homelessness), to reach greater life standard (e.g. clean water by 33 buckets and Ash Bricks by Green Cake), managing crisis (Tent Jackets by ADIFF and Emergency Response by Team Rubicon) and finally, enabling people to handle their own lives (Patrimonio Hoy by CEMEX and Waste-pickers for Dignity by I Got Garbage).

Scroll down to find out what are these Top 10 Social Innovations. May it be your inspiration for good deeds.



The list of the Top 10 Social Innovations


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*Social Innovation definition by Brown University



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Top 10 Innovations in Construction

A decade ago the construction industry was behind when it came to adopting new technologies and innovation strategies. However within the past few years, construction industry encountered countless instances of advancements that have the major impacts today.

The construction sector is one of the world’s largest industrial employer, a major source of revenue from exports and an evident contributor to the quality of life for all the people. The list of the Top 10 Innovations in Construction showcases innovation at a few levels and types; obviously technology innovations are stepping in enabling people to 3D print their houses on the ground and in the space; advancements in biotechnology allows houses to fix themselves and, finally, new houses can produce their own energy without any additional special installations. Furthermore, there are business model innovations that bridge financing and construction industries, as well as takes a step forward in making the world more beautiful place to live by introducing social innovations.


Scroll down to find out what are the Top 10 Innovations in Construction.



The list of the Top 10 Innovations in Construction


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