GIMI certified professional about IXL Innovation Olympics

GIMI certified professional about IXL Innovation Olympics


IXL Innovation Olympics participants IXL Innovation Olympics participants

Richard Dyrkacz about IXL Innovation Olympics

Between October 2018 to April 2019, I competed in two separate competitions in the IXL Innovation Olympics. This is a business innovation management competition hosted by the IXL Center and the Global Innovation Management Institute. During the IXL Innovation Olympics, teams must work with a company to solve an innovation problem. When I competed in these competitions, both of the companies I was assigned to wanted to achieve market entry into the USA while increasing their sales by more than ten times within five years. Despite having zero background in business, my team has successfully won this business innovation competition two times consecutively while competing against some of the world’s most prestigious business schools. Our team was able to achieve this through a unique innovation management methodology developed by the Global Innovation Management Institute. This methodology involves generating opportunity insights, developing fields of play, creating business concepts, and then preparing a business case. Using this methodology, I have explored what innovations will be occurring in the professional speaking industry.

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