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Our mission is to democratize innovation worldwide by certifying one million individuals and companies

GIMI is a member of US ISO Tag and is licensed by ANSI to provide ISO standards


Innovation Certifications For Individuals

Our innovation certifications and programs are designed for anyone interested in becoming certified in innovation as a business discipline, from creative minds to innovation professionals, to business leaders mastered in innovation management

Innovation Certifications For Organizations

Our Organization Maturity Certifications are designed for companies interested in becoming awarded with GIMI Organization Maturity Certification. Throughout a process of self-audit or external audit, GIMI OMC assesses the innovation maturity level at three categories: innovation capacity, strategy and discipline


The world’s largest innovation professional organization endorsed as ISO 56002+

To lead the innovation and innovation management profession globally by:

  • Spreading and increasing the adoption of innovation standards and best practices in innovation audited by ISO committee members and endorsed as ISO 56002 +
  • Helping individuals, companies, training organizations, and regions develop world-class innovation capabilities through global standards, testing protocols, and innovation certification
  • Building a community of innovation practitioners that is active and vibrant in the design and execution of building to the vision of GIM Institute

Founded in 2009, the Global Innovation Management Institute is a global nonprofit standard certification board for innovation and innovation management. Our motto is Better Ideas, Bigger Results

Our Numbers Globally

Individuals and organizations who have developed competencies in innovation based on the innovation frameworks, processes, manuals and courses of GIMI.


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The GIMI Certified Partner designation is a sign of quality for students, professionals, and organizations. It is granted to those who comply with GIMI’s strict quality standards, whether it comes to training in innovation management or representing the institution in an ecosystem. To ensure the delivery of a quality service and training experience, GIMI take very seriously the evaluation and approval of candidates

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Who promote GIMI’s offerings, deliver innovation courses and training under the GIMI certification programs

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