GIMI Empowers Innovation Worldwide At Mid-Year Meeting With Certified Training Partners (CTPs) – GIMI

On June 20th, the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI) convened its mid-year meeting with its certified training partners (CTPs) from over 25 countries worldwide. The gathering aimed to celebrate our collective achievements and deliberate on ways to further democratize innovation at local, regional, and global levels. The meeting encompassed several significant discussions and updates:

1. Accomplishments from GIMI CTPs:

a. We began by sharing the latest news and developments from GIMI. Notably, we welcomed one new esteemed member into the CTP network. A to Z from Kazakhstan officially joined our network. We had the pleasure of having Zulpat Aziyeva representing this CTPs.

b. GIMI took the opportunity to recognize the outstanding efforts of CTPs in increasing the number of certified individuals within their respective regions. Notably, we highlighted the four CTPs of the month so far: 

  • IXL Korea with 300 students certified
  • Sia Partners with 100+ members participating in service mapping workshops
  • TDM International partnering with 36,000 SMEs
  • Clarus Consulting with 13 government officials traveling to Boston to learn more about innovation

c. Sharing successful examples:

  1. Sandbox El Salvador organized an Innovation Summit which was attended by 253 participants resulting in a great brand awareness for GIMI and several key leads generated
  2. Conecta Madrid accelerated 82 startups with the help of IXL Center and was certified as a Catalyst

Peru, El Salvador, Ecuador, Mexico & Norway for organizing the FIRST online/onsite courses

2. New GIMI Intellectual Property: We Proudly Introduced And Upgraded 8 New Intellectual Property Initiatives That Were Developed Over The First Half Of The Year

a. GIMI Impact: This social innovation program aims to inspire young individuals to leverage innovation in addressing social challenges within their communities.

b. Collaborative Leadership: In collaboration with IXL, we successfully trained 1500 leaders in Brazil. Subsequently, we standardized a world-class leadership program that employs new learning styles and a proven methodology to empower leaders in becoming the best versions of themselves.

c. Innovation Potential Assessment: GIMI designed this assessment to evaluate individuals and assist companies in harnessing their potential, building high-performing teams, and identifying specific training needs.

d. Organization Audit: Built on global best practices, the GIMI organizational Innovation Audit evaluates and assesses your organization’s innovation strategy, capacity, and discipline.

e. Service Innovation: Service Innovation helps governments and companies audit services and processes by mapping out the stakeholders and their journeys and prioritizing the challenges for improvement.

f. Team-Based Crowdsourcing: The team-based Crowdsourcing Platform aims to enable teams within an organization to crowdsource new ideas and develop them into business concepts.

g. Catalyst Certificate: We have enhanced the Catalyst Certificate course to get everyone started on the innovation journey by introducing the problem-solving approach.

h. Innovation Coach: An innovation coach is a seasoned expert in innovation who provides guidance and support to Innovation Managers/CEOs, enabling them to succeed in their role by effectively overcoming obstacles and complexities both within and outside the organization.

3. Marketing Campaign:

We are thrilled to announce the creation of the GIMI Institutional Video, GIM Innovation Glossary, and GIMI Innovation Insights. These powerful marketing collaterals aim to leverage insights from different experts, players, and industries, translating them into knowledge that will facilitate the democratization of innovation. 

4. Announcement Of Onsite Meeting: GIMI Announced The Next Onsite Meeting For All CTPs That Will Be Happening In The Philippines This Year!

GIMI expresses its sincere appreciation for the presence and active participation of all partners. We remain steadfast in our commitment to democratize innovation worldwide, and together, we will continue to achieve remarkable progress in this endeavor.

As GIMI Level 1 organizations, the participants have demonstrated their commitment to innovation excellence, implemented a well-defined innovation process, adopted an innovation agenda for their leaders, dedicated resources to their innovation projects, and established key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure individual performance. The initiatives reflect their unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and driving sustainable growth.

Congratulations to these exceptional SMEs for their impressive achievements at GIMI Level 1. Their success serves as an inspiration to other organizations seeking to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape. Together we can, let’s continue to push the boundaries of innovation and unlock endless possibilities.