GIMI certified professional about IXL Innovation Olympics

Global Innovation Management Institute (GIM Institute) thanks to the amazing innovators worldwide for their tremendous contribution to the GIM Institute. They have helped increase the number of individuals and companies certified in innovation management capabilities globally. With their support, GIM Institute has furthered its mission in democratizing innovation through global standards, testing protocols and certification.

Rapid, iterative experimentation process ‚Äď A ‚ÄėLean Startup-style‚Äô approach to innovation

By: Courtney Wood, Ron Jonash & Mick Simonelli The emergence of disruptive digital technologies and changing customer expectations has made innovation an imperative for companies to remain sustainably competitive and stimulate growth. Realizing the benefits of innovation requires a systematic approach to not only generating novel ideas but converting them to meaningful business value. Rapid, […]

Top 10 Innovation Competitions

In modern societies everyone is enabled to create the next big thing. Innovation competitions¬†encourage independent experts from various industries to take a part in managing innovation challenges. By definition, innovation competition is an attempt by independent agents to solve an innovation challenge of a certain company. We Created The List Of Top 10 Innovation Competitions […]