Personalized Medicine Trend: It’s Not Just A Sophisticated Use Of Genetic Research

Dr. Nada Milosavljevic | Game Changers Podcasts by GIM Institute

“It’s only been … more recently in Western medicine that you hear about that mind-body connection. But we now know that the two are inseparable. Various systems in the body do cross-communicate and you can’t treat a particular condition in isolation of the rest of the body.”

Dr. Nada Milosavljevic is an entrepreneur, innovator, author and faculty member at Harvard Medical School. (Click here for a detailed biography.) She now runs her own private practice in integrative medicine in Newton, Massachusetts and is the founder and CEO of Sage Tonic, which offers an innovative evidence-based holistic program and mobile tech for wellness.

This first of two podcasts with Dr. Milosavljevic focuses on her general approaches to integrative health and her path to moving from downstream methods of healthcare (like pharmaceutical products that general deal with problems that have already become acute) to upstream methods of healthcare (like many approaches taken by today’s complementary and alternative medicine, or “CAM”). CAM is becoming a huge trend within the health and wellness industry with global consumer demand rising to an estimated annual amount of $115 billion.


0:20   – Sage Tonic description: a sensory platform providing evidence-based holistic treatments for on-the-go wellness
4:55   – Learning about medicine while working as a patent attorney for biotech / pharma
6:00   – Looking to prevent depression in young adults (which often begins at age 17)
9:55   – Ease of delivery an important part of these integrative therapies
11:40 – Our senses are our only connections to the outside world and are crucial in dealing with anxiety and depression
12:45 – The best innovation comes from cross-disciplinary work
14:40 – The growing trend in evidence-based holistic medicine
16:30 –  Personalized medicine trend: it’s not just sophisticated use of genetic research
18:10 –  Patients need help navigating through the huge amounts of information that is available on health
21:00 – A lot of pharmacology doesn’t solve many mental health problems: the turn to prevention
22:20 – Prevention and personalization seem to be the two big trends in medicine … and help with curbing “diseases of lifestyle
25:40 – Western medicine is looking at models of Eastern medicine to explore the mind-body connection

Dr. Nada Milosavljevic was interviewed by Mark Rennella (

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