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Game Changers podcasts features conversations with leading innovators drawn from a wide range of fields and experience. We’ll be learning first-hand about how innovations get started, how they’re achieved, and what makes them special. We’ll also be looking at issues that cut across industries and geographies, like women in innovation or innovation in cities.

Game Changers are interviewed by Mark Rennella.

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Tuesday, June 5

Don’t fall in love with your first idea for a business plan; be prepared to iterate

“Social enterprise combines the financial discipline of market capitalism with the passion and compasion to create a more fair and just world.” Andres Escobar is co-founder of IMPCT Coffee, which he describes as “the world’s first impact trade specialty coffee company.” IMPCT’s mission is to transform low income and urban slum communities through education. 


Monday, May 14

Innovate or Die? It’s true! … Recent Lessons from the US Oil and Gas Industry

How can companies use innovation to survive in a traditional industry going through massive upheaval? Ask Dr. Dana Wells, President of Dana Wells & Associates, an intellectual capital management advisory and consulting firm that uses proprietary innovation frameworks to align business models, people, & tools to growth strategies


Monday, April 2

Everything Can Be Deconstructed and Reconstructed

At the age of 22, Audrey Cheng founded the Moringa School, a ground-breaking programming school located in Nairobi. Moringa aims to give young Kenyans good jobs in the country’s growing tech sector. Although this accomplishment came at a young age, Audrey’s experience in developing an innovation mindset started all the way back to childhood. Her success combines a restless curiosity with the understanding that ambitious projects require focus to be completed.


Monday, March 12

Beyond Luck: Persistence and the Successful Woman Innovator

Alice Chung, Senior Manager at Genentech, looks back at some of the highlights of her career as an innovator and lessons she learned about innovation. She also discusses the assets women bring to innovation efforts as well as some of the challenges they face when participating in innovation projects. Although women make up an important part of the potential “diversity of thought” that an organization needs to be successful, social norms and habits often lag far behind best practices in innovation.


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