GIMI Is The World’s Largest Organization for Innovation Professionals

Founded in 2009, the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI-IAOIP) is a global nonprofit standard certification board for innovation and innovation management



GIMI was initiated by a worldwide group of chief innovation officers, innovation executives, academics and consultants in 2009. Our global advocacy for making innovation a professional business discipline is reinforced by our universally recognized standards and certifications, extensive academic programs, communities of practice, and professional development opportunities. In 2023, GIMI merged with International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP), a membership association sharing a similar mission and actively involved in the development of innovation ISO standards. This merger marked the establishment of the largest professional organization on innovation worldwide.



To democratize innovation worldwide by certifying one million individuals and companies. 

  • Spreading and increasing the adoption of innovation standards and best practices in innovation
  • Helping individuals, companies, training organizations and regions develop world-class innovation capabilities through global standards, testing protocols and innovation certification
  • Building a vibrant community of innovation practitioners that is active in the design and execution of building to the vision of GIM Institute


GIM Institute aspires to make innovation a professional business discipline that can be taught in academic institutions, corporate and government academies, and professional organizations, and can be adopted across organizations.

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Individuals and organizations who have developed competencies in innovation based on the innovation frameworks, processes, manuals and courses of GIMI.


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