GIMI IMPACT, the program aiming to build a more Compassionate and Innovative Society

GIMI IMPACT is a social innovation program designed to empower high school students to solve the planet’s social challenges using innovation

The current education system has failed to teach high school students 21st-century skills. There is a need to shape our young people into future active citizens who will solve the planet’s challenges with innovative minds and compassionate spirits.

Our current education system is built on the Industrial Revolution model and focuses on IQ, in particular memorization and standardization. Students believe their schools are not preparing them for success in the job market. In both formal and informal education, there are few opportunities for developing skills in leadership, engagement, self-expression, creativity, or innovation.

In the same way, around the world, youngsters face significant challenges in realizing the importance of them being active citizens. Both developed and developing countries are threatened by huge problems such as water scarcity, poverty, climate change, terrorism, etc., and citizens think this is the government’s problem and they are not able to solve these challenges.

GIMI impact has the mission of empowering high school students to change the world and is developed to specifically build capacity by supporting educators and empowering high school students to build a more Compassionate and Innovative Society

This is the world’s first globally recognized professional certification for Community and Social Innovation designed to equip high school students with 21st-century skills such as problem-solving, innovation, empathy, and compassion.

"SWRL piloted GIMI Impact to 400 high school students and 20 teachers. In all my work, I can say that the only truly sustainable competitive advantage is Compassion. Innovation - or complex problem solving - is one of the most efficient mediums I know of to unlock the Compassion-state in all of us. If we want a better world, we need to raise and empower more Compassionate Children & Youth and unlock and enhance their natural ability to be innovative and compassionate."-

In Canada, it was piloted in urban and rural areas and teachers highlighted the “Montessori” effect which made teachers collaborate more effectively and use “inquiry-based learning”. The course called the attention of public school boards who wanted to apply the tools also for the senior leadership. 

GIMI IMPACT is equivalent to the GIMI Level 1 Innovation Associate designation and is based on the globally recognized GIMI training curriculum and focused on teaching social innovation to younger ages.