Top 10 Master Degree Programmes in Innovation

Today globally recognized universities offer Master Degree Programmes in Innovation or incorporate innovation study to the most successful business, engineering and the other programs. Innovation has become a subject that attracts a lot of students and creates a strong basis for their future careers.

Global Innovation Management Institute has identified TOP 10 Master Degree Programmes in Innovation based on these criteria:

1. International Accreditation. These Master Degree Programmes in Innovation are acknowledged and accredited by multiple educational institutions, non-profits and businesses. Universities offering these Master Programmes leverage international accreditations to be the partner of choice.

2. Partnering & network. Collaborating with the other global universities, companies and maintaining strong Alumni network. Networks to create the value chain of business elements and make them more competitive. Linking entrepreneurs with angel networks.

3. Blended learning. Allow the practical and experiential learning through entrepreneurship development centers, implement process. Thematic programs – connection between management and other areas of knowledge to generate innovation and entrepreneurship projects.

4. Graduates’ employability. Graduates being offered high level positions in various companies across the industries and/or graduates run self-established startups and businesses.

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