SIDF Is The First Organization In Saudi Arabia To Receive An Innovative Organization Level 1 Certificate From GIMI

It is with great pleasure that the Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) announces that it is the first organization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to receive the prestigious award “Innovative Organisation Level 1” by the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI). The Boston based Institute, known as the international gold standard for Innovation Management, has certified over 15,000 individuals worldwide and over 1200 organizations.


GIMI is the leading global standard certification board for innovation and innovation management. “We have seen that individual competency in innovation does not translate to organizational innovation capability”, said Dr. Hitendra Patel, Executive Director of the GIMI. Therefore, the certifying body developed the innovation standards for organizations. “Using this framework, we created a four-level organizational certification program which is also a roadmap to get started on the journey of becoming an innovation leader”.  


“Congratulations to the Saudi Industrial Development Fund for becoming the first company in the region to achieve Innovation Level 1 certification by GIMI. You are a pioneer in the region and you have set the standard for others to follow. Rely on GIMI support to continue your innovation journey” Mr. Patel said on behalf of the GIMI Institute.


The Saudi Industrial Development Fund has been encouraging innovation since its inception in 1974. During the past few years, efforts have been targeted to institutionalize innovation within SIDF and make it part of the SIDF DNA. SIDF continuously strives to provide better products, services, and experiences to customers, and this is where innovation plays a vital role.

Sia Partners – the official representative of GIMI in the GCC – also expressed its support to SIDF “We congratulate SIDF on becoming the first organization in KSA to achieve this prestigious certification”, said Rafael Lemaitre, partner of the international management consulting firm.