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Steps to get Organization Maturity Certification

GIMI supports your organization’s innovation management and leadership goals.


GIMI Organization Maturity Certification (OMC) first requires an organizational  audit, accomplished either via self-audit or 3rd-party auditors (GIMI certified auditors). After this assessment, your organization receives OMC certification for the current innovation maturity level, as well as implementation plans for achieving further results.

AUDIT Process - SELF-assessment


  • Acquire annual license of GIMI Audit Tool for organizations (here)
  • Conduct the innovation audit for your organization
  • Within four weeks, GIM Institute reviews your organization’s audit results, provides recommendations to improve your innovation strategy, capacity and discipline, and assesses the right level of GIMI OMC certification for your organization
  • Organization Maturity Certification (GIMI OMC): $2500 for each level attained
AUDIT PROCESS - Third party Assessment

GIMI Certified Auditors

  • Contact GIM Institute to recommend you the 3rd-party GIMI auditor, based on your industry and location.
  • Receive the proposal from the 3rd-party auditor on audit price and deliverables
  • Within 4 weeks time, GIM Institute reviews the audit results, provides you with recommendations on how to improve your innovation strategy, capacity & discipline, and assess the right level of Organization 
  • Organization Maturity Certification (GIMI OMC): $2500 for each level attained, plus auditor costs

Certification by level

Certification by level

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