Innova Latam 2023: Shaping Tomorrow’s Business Landscape

Innova Latam 2023 marked a pivotal convergence of international experts, a platform brimming with innovation trends and best practices. The event, in collaboration with the 8th National Cluster Initiatives Congress, united Latin America’s innovation and productivity ecosystems. Visionaries and industry leaders shared invaluable insights, charting a course toward a more efficient, sustainable, and successful business future.

Keynote speaker Hitendra Patel inaugurated the event, posing critical questions about the future of innovation while highlighting the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Patel showcased AI’s potential through the “Innovation Olympics,” where teams leveraged AI to solve corporate challenges, revealing its rapid insights generation and future potential to surpass human capabilities.

Discussions expanded to AI’s impact across diverse industries, emphasizing the need for strategic adoption in innovation management. Camilo Rivera, from the Ministry of Commerce, spotlighted reindustrialization policies and their ties to the energy transition, healthcare, and territorial development projects.

Aurelio Mejia, Colombia Productiva’s General Manager, emphasized clusters’ role in enhancing SME productivity and aligning with territorial initiatives, fostering innovation and reindustrialization. Agostinho João Ramalho Almeida from Ecopetrol detailed ECONOVA, democratizing energy transition across industries.

Dr. Yeinni Andrea Patiño Moya, representing Confecámaras, stressed the pivotal role of successful clusters in fostering innovation culture and international participation.

The event celebrated cluster initiatives, lauding their innovation sophistication, community inclusion, and sustainability efforts.

Sessions touched upon sustainability, with speakers like Julián Felipe Segura Contreras outlining organizational sustainability strategies, focusing on leadership commitment, stakeholder engagement, and transparency.

Ronald Jonash, Global Innovation Management Institute Director, highlighted open innovation’s pivotal role, urging a shift in mindset and actions for continuous improvement.

Innova Latam 2023 emerged as a catalyst for groundbreaking ideas and strategies transcending industries and borders. The event, a collaboration between Innova Latam and the Cartagena Chamber of Commerce, set the stage for progressive business growth and development across Colombia and the region.

Dr. Hitendra Patel

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