Innova Flanders 2022, the largest and pure innovation event arrives in Europe to make innovation a reality

Innova has been held in Latin America for 3 consecutive years and has brought together more than 3,000 attendees around innovation with different approaches. On June 15, 16, and 17, this format will take place in Europe and will connect the global ecosystem in one place. 

Creating new products, services, processes, and innovation in general, understood as creating new value in new ways, is not an easy task, much less in these times when the world is trying to recover from a pandemic, and when companies are more concerned with surviving and not excelling in their industries. However, the experience of large and visionary companies makes it very clear that innovation is imperative today to create value and not be left behind. 

The Global Innovation Management Institute created Innova, an event focused to democratize innovation, create awareness of trends and what is next, and connect the global innovation ecosystem. For the past 3 years Innova has been carried out in Latin America as Innova Latam and, due to its great success in the region, now seeks to create an impact in Europe as Innova Flanders.

The first edition of this event will be held in person in Ghent, Belgium, on June 15 – 17, positioning itself as the only event in Europe that focuses exclusively on innovation. This space seeks to bring together the global innovation ecosystem in one place, with speakers and attendees from Colombia, Brazil, Indonesia, Guatemala, the Philippines, Canada, the United States, Morocco, Belgium, France, Italy, Albania, Spain, among others. 

During these 3 days of innovation, education, and inspiration, Innova Flanders will have more than 50 speakers from several organizations such as IBM, Verizon, LISC Boston, Belcorp, Dubai Government, Harvard, SAP, Plug and Play, among others, who will highlight the future of sustainability, digital transformation, robotics, health, work, and education.

The event will have breakout sessions on innovation management, open innovation, social innovation, and local, national, and international innovation ecosystems. 

In this regard, Don Keleman, the founder, and director of Innova Flanders states: “This event goes beyond the usual blah, blah, blah about innovation. It not only seeks to inspire attendees but to generate results and actions on how to manage innovation, create teams, ecosystems and tangible results to generate strategic growth in organizations”.  

Finally, on the third day, attendees will be able to make an exclusive visit to innovative companies such as the Tech Lane Ghent Science Park, Barco,  Fabriek Logistiek, and Living Tomorrow.

In addition, participants will have the option to participate in a masterclass and have the opportunity to be certified as an Innovation Professional by GIMI, taught by Hitendra Patel, a global innovation guru, where they will learn about innovation, tools, and methodologies. to apply them in real environments of their organizations.

As well in level 3, with David Tesone, an expert innovation consultant with more than 10 years of experience, where participants will be able to learn how to have a leadership role to generate capacities, strategies, and the discipline to innovate in organizations.  

This entire event seeks to connect the global innovation ecosystem and is designed to immediately build and generate concrete actions to innovate in the organizations. Those interested can find more information and purchase their tickets at: