Master Innovation with GIMI

Our certifications and programs, endorsed as ISO 56002 +, are designed for anyone interested in becoming certified in innovation as a business discipline, from creative minds to business leaders 


Certified Innovation Professional

This program is designed for professionals who aim to learn idea generation and implementation tools to create breakthrough innovations. Certified Innovation Professionals apply these tools to tackle real-world challenges and generate new growth opportunities for their organizations.


Certified Chief Innovation Officer

This program is designed for leaders who aim to understand how to drive and manage business innovation within an organization. Certified Chief Innovation Officers apply a variety of tools and techniques to define their innovation strategy, build capacity and drive discipline that generates results sustainably over time.


Certified Future Foresight Professional & Leader

These two programs are designed for individuals or practitioners who want to learn the fundamentals of future foresight and explore its key concepts, processes, and tools. Future Foresight Proffesionals and Leaders use a combination of methodological tools for horizon scanning, creative thinking, idea generation, and trend analysis.


Innovation Mindset Index

The Innovation Mindset Assessment helps individuals identify their dominant innovation mindset.  Individuals are able to recognize their strengths and roadblocks, understand how to leverage their profiles and accelerate their innovation results. 



Certified Professionals

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Why Get Certified?


GIM Institute’s Certified Professionals are able to successfully lead efforts in ambiguous, uncertain and fast-moving environments.  Content is continually updated and improved to ensure that certifications reflect the current skills, knowledge and best practices needed to succeed in the market.


GIM Institute credentials are recognized and adopted in 60+ countries. We have certified graduate students from 140+ universities, 1200+ corporations, and have built 50+ partnerships with governments and industry associations to spread the adoption of our standards around the world.


GIM Institute credentials allow individuals to access it’s network of certified professionals around the world and connect, learn and collaborate.


GIMI certifications are relevant across roles, industries and geographies, giving professionals the recognition and flexibility to use their knowledge, skills and competencies regardless of job responsibilities or career levels


Candidates certified by GIM Institute represent a unique cadre of trained innovators with the proven innovation ability to understand and manage innovation across and beyond their organizations

GIMI Certified Professionals

Join our community of innovators to stay on top of the most relevant innovation content. We will give you a complementary Glossary to start the way!

GIMI’s Innovation Glossary provides a universal lexicon of innovation. It will serve as a compass to guide you through the vast landscape of innovation