IMBOK Level 1 Guide



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Innovation Management Body of Knowledge, A Guide on Breakthrough Innovations (IMBOK Level 1 Guide) aims to democratize this process so that every individual in an organization can come up with meaningful and actionable innovation breakthroughs to drive their business into the future. This book is designed to help you learn a proven approach for developing growth platforms and breakthrough business concepts. This methodology has been used successfully with organizations from different industries around the world.

The IMBOK Level 1 Guide contains a set of concepts, terms, techniques and processes for generating innovation breakthroughs. The certifying body, the Global Innovation Management Institute, has developed these concepts in a comprehensive way so that aspiring innovation professionals, existing experts, and other interested parties can understand and apply these tools to become more effective and better in generating big bold ideas for their companies.

The IMBOK Level 1 Guide is divided into three major sections covering the conceptual and practical elements on how to generate breakthrough innovations.
Chapter 1: Demystifying Innovation
Chapter 2: Innovation Techniques
Chapter 3: Innovation Breakthrough Process