GIMI launches its Futuristic Network in partnership with Netstairs

GIMI has launched its Futuristic Network as a powerful force to drive insights from different centers of excellence around the world into actions that build the future. With the conviction to build the future one must imagine it first, GIMI’s Futuristic Network is partnering with relevant players around the world with a strong understanding and insights of market trends, different demographic segments, and cutting-edge technologies to imagine what the future could look like and use GIMI’s methodology as an accelerator to make it real.

Our Futuristic Network has given its first step in partnership with Netstairs, a company that specialized in the Metaverse. It is changing the world of remote work & entertainment by enabling enterprises and institutions of any size to deploy and use video-first virtual private cloud broadcast, communication, and collaboration. With 20+ years of driving video-first innovations, Netstairs has a proven track record that makes it a leading player in the space.

GIMI is open to working with governments and other centers of excellence, to take more insights to apply GIMI’s methodology and convert them into specific actions and help in the transformation of the world.

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