GIMI Awards 2023: Celebrating Companies That Are Driving Innovation In Asia

In a dynamic event orchestrated by the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI) and hosted by Ayala Corporation in Manila, innovation reigned supreme. The vibrant gathering aimed to honor the pioneers of innovation across Southeast Asia, marking a significant milestone in the region’s pursuit of excellence.

Ayala Corporation: Pioneering Innovation In Southeast Asia

The Board of Directors of the Global Innovation Management Institute congratulates Ayala Corporation for achieving the prestigious GIMI Innovation Level 3 (Leadership) certification. During Ayala’s annual Innovation Summit, Spark, held in Manila, GIMI’s Board of Directors was present to confer this honor. The Level 3 certification marks a gold standard for innovation in Southeast Asia, setting a remarkable precedent for other regional companies.

Accepting the Level 3 Certificate and Plaque for Ayala Corporation were Vice-Chairman Fernando Zobel de Ayala, CEO Cezar P. Consing, CHRO Francisco Romero Milán, and Head of Innovation Vincent Patrick Tobias. Ayala Corporation had previously received its Level 2 certification in 2018.

Mr. Cezar P. Consing, CEO of Ayala Corporation, expressed his elation: “We are thrilled to achieve this pinnacle of innovation management and receive GIMI certification. Throughout the years, we have steadfastly adhered to several core principles: penetrating non-consumption markets, implementing customer-centric services through meticulous customer journeys, and fostering collaborations with government entities and the broader ecosystem. We extend our gratitude to Ayala Corporation for hosting the GCIO and GIMI global meetings, fostering an environment conducive to global innovation dialogue.”

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI): Trailblazing Financial Innovation

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), an esteemed entity within the Ayala Group, clinched the Level 3 Innovation Award from GIMI. This recognition stands as a testament to BPI’s unwavering commitment to pioneering innovation within the financial services sector, setting exemplary standards for the industry.

Globe Group: Shaping Tomorrow’s Innovations

The Global Innovation Management Institute extends congratulations to the Globe Group for their remarkable achievements. The Board recognizes Globe’s dedication to innovation and its significant contributions to shaping tomorrow’s innovative landscape. The certification serves as a testament to their commitment and leadership in fostering innovation excellence.

Hitendra Patel – CEO of GIMI expressed that: “By achieving these levels of certification, GIMI is better prepared for the rapidly changing world to lead in its industry.  Its leadership has shown that they are preparing for the future while leading in the present.  Congratulations!”

Dubai Police’s Groundbreaking Future Foresight Achievement

Additionally, GIMI and Ayala Corporation proudly recognized Dubai Police HQ for becoming the first organization in the UAE and the world’s first Police Force to achieve the Future Foresight Leadership certification (Level 4) awarded during the Spark 10 event held in the Philippines.

Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, expressed, “This achievement underscores Dubai Police’s commitment to nurturing innovation and future studies, significantly contributing to Dubai’s global reputation for excellence in applying the best international practices.”

Rafael Lemaitre, Partner of Sia Partners and Board Member of GIMI highlighted the level of maturity of Dubai Police in thinking and planning for future scenarios: “Dubai Police shows mastery of their future foresight processes, helping them deal with complex and uncertain challenges that impact Dubai citizens.”

The assessment was conducted by Sia Partners and ALVA Research and Consulting, solidifying the credibility and prowess of Dubai Police in future foresight processes.

This celebration of innovation, co-hosted by GIMI and Ayala Corporation, not only honored outstanding achievements but also ignited a collective pursuit of excellence in global innovation. These recognitions underscored the transformative impact of innovation, shaping industries and societies toward a brighter and more innovative future.

Dr. Hitendra Patel