Become a Certified Chief Innovation Officer (CCIO)

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About This Certification

This training program is designed to provide managers with an advanced understanding of business innovation strategy, capacity, and discipline, and leverage this knowledge to manage innovation within their organizations

This training has two steps:


1. Be guided by an innovation expert and take the certification exam

2. Get support from mentors to apply the learnings to the real challenges of your organization. You will have 3 months to submit your casework 


Program Modules

  • Create a case for change that gives a purpose to Innovation
  • Identify strategic places to focus innovation
  • Develop and organize the  ideal portfolio
  • Identify leaders to manage innovation in the organization
  • Improve the innovation process from concept to market
  • Map partners to collaborate across the value chain to go faster
  • Drive innovation mindset for what if and what´s next
  • Appreciate diversity in search of new ideas and acquire complementary skills
  • Use innovation metrics to guide behaviors and results
  • Agree on strategic next steps to improve innovation management

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Why Get Certified With GIM Institute?

GIMI is a global nonprofit professional organization driving standards for innovation management that leverage a range of core frameworks and competencies. We teach the next generation of innovators how to successfully discover innovation breakthroughs, accelerate results and build a new set of professional skills. Our mission is to help individuals, companies and regions develop world-class innovation and innovation management capabilities.


You will be able to:

  • Advance your career and stand out
  • Increase your value to your organization
  • Access GIMI’s global innovation ecosystem and best practices
  • Network and share experiences with other innovation professionals

More than 10,000 professionals have been certified in GIMI’s programs, representing companies from Fortune 500


Starts Feb 8th, 2022


21 hours

7×3h Online sessions   

3 months to submit the casework 


$ 2.500 USD Regular price
Scholarships available