Become a GIMI

Certified Innovation Auditor

Certified Innovation Auditors approved by GIMI assess an organization’s innovation practices using a high-performing framework. They analyze processes, strategies, and initiatives to identify strengths, weaknesses, and improvement opportunities. Their goal is to provide actionable insights and recommendations to enhance innovation performance and competitiveness

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A Successful Auditor

In the GIMI community, a successful auditor is characterized by steadfast integrity, exceptional technical expertise, profound knowledge, and an unwavering dedication to upholding the utmost standards of professionalism

Our certified auditors possess three certifications, which include:

GIMI Level 3 - Experts

Knowledge on Innovation Management

MCI - Level 1

Management Consulting Skills

GIMI – Auditor Certification

Understands GIMI Organizational Certification

Who should apply?

Individuals who:

Possess a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, accounting, finance, or a related field, combined

Demonstrate a minimum of 5 years of experience in innovation, strategy, research and development, product development, or a related field

Have the skills to examine, listen and analyze information and organize the key findings in a clear and insightful reports

Are committed to uphold the highest standards of professionalism

What are the benefits?

  • Enhanced expertise and credibility in assessing innovation practices

  • Expanded career opportunities in consulting, strategy, and advisory roles

  • Contribution to organizational success by driving innovation performance and growth

  • Join a global community of experts, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking with like-minded professionals worldwide

Who should apply?

The Innovation Manager Level 3 course is the first step towards becoming a Certified Chief Innovation Officer, providing managers with advanced knowledge in innovation strategy, capacity, and discipline for organizational success

With the MCI Level 1 course you will learn tools designed to help you be a trusted advisor, use structured thinking, get quality outputs and build compelling presentations

The Auditor Certifications provide the necessary material and guidance to gain a deep understanding of the GIMI Process for Organizational Certification, acquire in-depth knowledge of auditing requirements and deliverables, and develop essential skills in effective communication, analytical thinking, attention to detail, and ethical practices