1,584 MSME Leaders In Brazil Certified As Leaders Of The Future

Leaders of the Future is a world-class program adapted to the Brazilian context that uses new learning styles and a proven methodology to drive leaders to become the best version of themselves 

Leaders of the Future is a cutting-edge program bringing global knowledge, best practices, and case studies around collaborative leadership to build the next generation of Leaders. In this program, participants will learn how to use the power of AND to set bigger and bolder targets, and how to go faster and cheaper with partners and teams.

The program leverages new learning styles to allow participants to learn from thought leaders during our masterclasses, from their peers and mentors, and from others through the show and tell sessions. Our methodology uses multiple individual and group activities to encourage self-development and peer learning. 

Leaders will create outputs that will increase their own knowledge, commitment, and accountability to their leadership journey and goals. To achieve outstanding outcomes, leaders will go outside their comfort zone by sharing their personal leadership journey, asking for feedback, and pivoting when needed. The program will use different tools to learn, develop the outcomes, and communicate with your peers, mentors, IXL Center, and GIMI team.

The program focuses on collaborative leadership which supports individuals to become the best version of themselves through the following framework:

Under the Leaders of the Future program, participants will:

  • Master competencies concerning leadership behaviors, vision, and execution¬†
  • Gain self-confidence to achieve results
  • Learn how to set the stage for high-impact results
  • Identify innovation opportunities and create strategies to generate real business growth
  • Apply leadership tools and knowledge to your most pressing business challenge