Top 10 Innovations Of The 19th Century

Everything, that surrounds us and currently is taken for granted, was invented at some time in the past. The 19th century was the age of machine tools: tools that made tools, machines that made parts for other machines. During this century a lot of things were invented that have reshaped human lives, infrastructure and aspirations. It was the time of the development of electricity, the bicycle, Coca Cola, the assembly line and many other amazing developments.

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┬╗ Steam Locomotive, 1804
┬╗ Bicycle, 1817
┬╗ Braille, 1824
┬╗ Photography, 1839
┬╗ Antiseptics, 1867
┬╗ Plastic/Polymer, 1869
┬╗ Internal Combustion machine, 1876
┬╗ Telephone, 1876
┬╗ Electric light, 1879
┬╗ Coca Cola, 1886

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