Top 10 Quotes Around Innovation

The great inventor Thomas Edison said: “To have a great idea… Have a lot of them”. Innovation is more than idea, creativity or novelty. Global Innovation Management Institute define innovation as the creation and capture of new value in new ways. Today innovation has a critical role at any successful business.

Innovation is the key to sustainable growth. By being more innovative, companies enjoy greater shareholder return; further more they have better brand equity that allows them to charge a higher price. In year 2017 innovation will gain even a greater impact; companies and individuals will keep on looking for new ways to solve old problems. We may not know what the next year will bring, but we do know that the progress cannot be stopped.

Scroll down to find Top 10 Quotes Around Innovation. May these work as aspiration in your innovation journey; where innovation is the factor of success, persistence and progress.

The list of the Top 10 Quotes Around Innovation

  • Dots and Innovation
  • Business and Innovation
  • Essence of Innovation
  • Solution and Innovation
  • Timing and Innovation
  • People and Innovation
  • Progress and Innovation
  • Success and Innovation
  • Persistence and Innovation
  • Leadership and Innovation


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