Top 10 Christmas Innovations

We can see it, we can hear it, we can smell it. Christmas is all around us. That is the most wonderful time of the year for many, when friends and families can bond, share quality time together and exchange gifts.

In fact, the very concept of Christmas might be seen as a genius innovation. It is a holy celebration, that throughout the years got assigned with many innovative attributes: starting with the Christmas tree and Santa Claus, up to must-see-movies and Christmas shopping lists. Some may say, it is “a marketer’s dream, wrapped up as a sentimental holiday celebration”.

Couple of Top 10 Christmas innovations date back to 17th and beginning of 20th century. Christmas tree as we view it today was invented in Germany as the reflection of starry night; while the jolly Santa Claus is the outcome of Christmas campaigns. The Christmas innovations of today are tied with the most recent achievements in technology and observations of consumer behavior. Scroll down to find out what are the Top 10 Christmas Innovations.

The list of the Top 10 Christmas Innovations

  • Christmas Tree
  • Jolly Santa Claus
  • Christmas Augmented Reality
  • Cardly Charity Cards
  • ChristmasFM
  • Christmas Gift List
  • Elfster – Secret Santa
  • NORAD Tracks Santa
  • Solar Powered LED String Light
  • Wordless Wrapping Paper