Learn From Failures: How Good Ideas Can Come from Failures

How Can Failures Be Good for the Development of an Idea?

In child development, the activity to get to learning is called making mistakes.  In the field of science, the activity to get to a successful result is called experimenting.  In entrepreneurship, the activity to gain experience is called serially (failed) venturing.  In each of the examples, failure is part of the process and it is the iteration of trial and error of what not to do and what to do that eventually leads to new ways to do new and better things.

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Think Like a Child: How Can We Encourage Employees to Think More Innovatively?

There are many barriers to thinking more innovatively. The trick is to overcome or compensate for those barriers. But this is not easy. In fact, these barriers are hard to overcome because they often become deeply embedded in what might be called, “the way things are normally done.” Innovating means doing things that are, in fact, not normal or out of character for an organization. This is challenging for many at best and scary and intimidating at worst. But if we see that what is “normal,” is, in fact, just one out of many viable ways of doing things, then innovation ceases to be intimidating; indeed, innovative thinking becomes invigorating, exciting and profitable.

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