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Top 10 Most Innovative Industries

“Innovate or die!” said Jack Matson, the professor of Penn State University. Every industry is innovating, but not all of them innovate at equal pace. The most common measurement of innovativeness in the company and industry is the amount of patents they apply for in any given year. Besides number of patents, the other criteria that plays role in distinguishing most innovative industry are volume, success, globalization and influence. For this reason, ranks are mostly dominated by technology related industries due to the amount of new devices, software and so forth they are forced to develop in order to keep ahead of the competition.

The list of Top 10 Most Innovative Industries shows what great changes are happening in the industries right now and what is going to happen in the future.

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Top 10 Cities With Innovation

Up to this day, location has been the key factor that fostered cities to originate and grow. Access to the water, natural resources and climate played a very important role as well. In this era of innovation, cities started being built differently: today innovative cities often outperform traditional cities, even the ones, that have a long history.

Here is the list of Top 10 Most Innovative Cities in the world. Take a look and find out, why these cities are different and how innovative their future strategies are.

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Blended Innovation Strategy: A Powerful Approach to Major Business Successes

Many business people live in a contradiction when it comes to understanding an important aspect of business and technical innovation in Japan and Korea. On one hand, they marvel at the business success stories found in corporations like Honda or Sony. On the other hand, they denigrate or even dismiss those same successes by calling them names. These achievements are often put down as “copycats”—products and services very similar to those originally created by innovation departments in western corporations.

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