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One of the benefits that individuals who receive the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIM Institute) innovation certification get is to be featured in our GIMI resume book. GIMI resume book is updated every quarter and are distributed to Chief Innovation Officers, Innovation Managers/Directors and Hiring Managers from leading companies around the world.


From thousands of candidates, we select and feature in alphabetical order the resumes of fifty certified professionals worldwide who have demonstrated mastery on innovation based on the standards set by the GIM Institute. We hope that through this book, it will:

  • Give GIM Institute’s certified innovation professionals exposure to companies who are looking to hire individuals who have the necessary skills and experience on innovation
  • Give organizations looking to build innovation capability within their organization with people who can hit the ground running

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Step #1 Register for our innovation certification program.

Step #2 Complete the certification requirements.

Step #3 Submit your latest resume including your innovation certificate(s).

The latest copy of our GIMI resume book is available for download. If you are interested in any of the certified innovation professionals featured in GIMI resume book, please contact them directly. We invite Hiring Managers to post job notices by emailing us at

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