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Top 10 Innovations in Robotics

A bit more than a year ago, the world faced totally new phenomena: the first robot marriage of two Japanese robots Frois and Yukirin. More over, David Levy, artificial intelligence researcher at the University of Maastricht, predicts that we are going to be the first generation to face the legal human & robot marriage. It would lead to questioning current norms, including the human rights.

By definition, robot is a machine controlled through an external or internal computer and often equipped with audio, visual, and/or tactile sensors as well as other devices and tools to perform one or several programmed jobs. Artificial intelligence progresses and today robotics have an essential role in almost everyone’s daily routines. If the artificial intelligence development will sustain the current the fast pace, we will face the social dilemma; on one hand robots help us to create more comfortable lives, on the other hand, if robots are going to replace most of the human functions, then do humans still fit into this new society?

These are the questions that we will find out the answer in a few years. As for today, Robotics serve us in all possible ways: nano-robots treat the most dangerous diseases, whilst Humanoids keep the company for elderly. The list of Top 10 Innovations in Robotics is an overview of the most amazing current achievements in the robotics.

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TOP 10 Innovations in Plastics

Plastic was invented in early 20th century and although plastics have been around already for more than 100 years they are considered to be modern when compared to traditional materials like wood, stone, metal, glass and paper. Throughout the century plastics consumption has been constantly growing. Today plastics are broadly integrated into modern lifestyle and make a major, and in many cases irreplaceable, contribution to all product areas and industries.

In recent decades plastics became an essential part of numerous life changing innovation as well eco-performance enhancements and further cost-savings. List of Top 10 Innovations in Plastics enlightens how broadly plastics have been adopted and, most importantly, it proves that plastics play essential role in delivering smart ecological solutions and raising the standard of living.

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TOP 10 Open Innovation Platforms

Open Innovation Platforms help broad range of organizations effectively innovate with the crowd. If in the past companies mostly relied on market research and focus groups in getting needed answers, then today companies are able to open a direct channel of communication with anyone who has interest in the company, invite to brainstorm and co-create. This is called Open Innovation.

Crowd based platforms, such as Open Innovation, seeded their roots already in early Renaissance. Centuries ago, Filippo Brunelleschi, an Italian designer and key figure in architecture organized a tournament on structural planning to successfully overcome technical hurdles in building the dome of the Florence Cathedral. Today crowd based platforms are living their Renaissance themselves and every successful company uses Open Innovation Platforms to some extent.

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Top 10 Trends of Business Innovation

Where companies are expanding their businesses, innovating and locating depend on trends. Whilst some trends are obvious and continuous (e.g. social responsibility), the other trends start out as small and eventually wind up transforming the way we live (e.g. shared economy). Business Innovation trends allow us take a peek at the future. Today organizations of wide range find it critical to know Business Innovation trends; based on these trends organizations are likely to choose the right direction and grow.

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TOP 10 Innovations in Telecommunications Industry

Telecommunications literally mean the art of conveying information from a distance. Today’s definition of telecommunications is comprised around exchange of information over significant distances by electronic means. In the 1990’s Telecommunications were disrupted by Mobile Innovation; mobile phones and SMS made telecom operators incredibly profitable. Today we are the witnesses of Digital Innovation with the widespread adoption of Internet based services like Whatsapp, Skype, and similar. Due to this disruption, it is estimated, that telecom companies will lose more than $50 billion in SMS revenues alone by the end of 2016.

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