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Innovation Methodology

Top 10 Innovation Methodologies

The perception of innovation is constantly shifting; the way we view innovation today is different from how we perceived innovation ten years ago.

Innovation methodology is a system of methods used in driving and managing innovation and innovation incentives. Innovation methodologies keep changing and they continue to impact how we deal with the key innovation challenges.

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Top 10 Innovation Accelerators

The ultimate goal of innovation accelerators being established is to advance disruptive innovation initiatives. Accelerator programmes are intensive business and personal development programmes which support a small team of founders, usually with a business idea of their own. The form of the support can be one or the combination of the following: mentorship, affordable office spaces, some starting capital, etc.

A huge number of scalable startups have emerged from these accelerator programs, encouraging the other entrepreneurs. Companies, such as Dropbox and AirBNB were created in the accelerator. Today accelerators are a proven way to quickly grow a startup by learning from experts, finding great mentorship and connecting to a powerful network.

Accelerators have become the credible passage for thousands of entrepreneurs around the globe in scaling up their businesses and bringing disruptive innovations to the world.

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Top 10 Innovative Companies

A company’s ability to innovate determine how sustainable it will be in this fast changing environment where new emerging players are disrupting the market at a faster rate than before. Great companies still fail if they don’t innovate quick enough.

Innovation helps companies to build barriers to entries for their products which further allow them to create values, capture values and stay as the leader in their industry.

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Top 10 Innovations of the 20th Century

At the apex of the Industrial Revolution and the brink of two World Wars, the need for effective information, transportation, military, manufacturing, and medical technology was stronger than ever before.

Solutions were generated quickly and most often satisfied more needs than they were originally intended to; in response to enemy threats to telephone communication between officials, computer networks were invented, which ultimately linked all of humanity and provided a platform (the World Wide Web) for general acquisition of information. Urbanization catalyzed by the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century brought millions of people to cities, where life could be unpleasant and unhealthy; the standard of life in the cities was drastically increased by medical advances and convenient household appliances using breakthrough technology in the 20th century.

Innovations in production of goods not only satisfied the mushrooming consumer demand, but also made employment more readily available to all types of people. Easier transmission of information and completely new forms of transportation made it possible to communicate with people, or visit a place, across the ocean; these innovations made the world a smaller place. Even entertainment was reformed in the 20th century; televisions and radios not only annihilated boredom, but served as mass communication tools that increased general awareness of the world. Dreams of intelligent robots started becoming reality.

The 20th century brought forth the vision of a world in which machines fulfill every need and desire of humanity. Scroll down to find out what are Top 10 Innovations of the 20th Century

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Top 10 Innovations in Fashion

The fashion industry has been booming with innovative ways to buy clothing, as people become more willing to pay more for environmentally friendly apparel. This attributes to the $2.5 trillion the fashion industry brings in every year.

People wish for more variety and an easier shopping experience. There are factors behind why not everyone is totally happy with their shopping experience, however innovation in clothing is making everyday tasks just a little bit easier with incorporating recyclables with clothing to reduce landfill and incorporating clothing with technology. It interrupts the mainstream, simple and typical clothes that you usually see. Therefore, you are able to feel like you are saving the planet while just wearing clothing that fit perfectly.

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