Top 10 Innovation Conferences

Innovation Conferences are the fastest way to understand what is out there: who is the industry leader, which thought leadership is worth following, who are the potential partners and competitors. The Innovation Conferences prompt about the latest trends and help us build the network of the most important connections.

There are hundreds of Innovation Conferences around the world, therefore companies have to be smart in picking the most relevant ones and just collecting the second-hand insights from the remaining ones.

The list of Top 10 Innovation Conferences suggests the conferences that innovation leaders and entrepreneurs should attend in different locations around the world.

Scroll down to find out what are the Top 10 Innovation Conferences.


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Top 10 Women Innovators

Woman and innovation may have been considered oxymoronic by most people up until the late twentieth century. The majority of the most famous inventors and discoverers turn out to be men – in large part because women have often been denied the education and opportunity required to make similar achievements.

Thanks to slow but appreciable progress in the last several decades, women have become empowered to take on more roles as equal partners with men in science, innovation and the public sector. Despite these gains, most countries still tend to be paternalistic, which creates a glass-ceiling effect for many women.

This group of game-changing Women Innovators is not only about women who created or improved something significantly with technological or business value. This list also includes women who innovated in the realm of  politics and culture, which may be understood as creating foundational changes for further progress by women in a wide array of domains.

This list of Top 10 Women Innovators recognizes different women innovators from the early nineteenth century to the present. These women could be categorized into three groups: 1) The breakers of stigmatized rules and traditions (Marie Curie, Ada Lovelace); 2) The stars in so-called masculine fields (Indira Gandhi, Katherine Johnson); and, 3) The champions in today’s innovation environment (Michela Magas, Angélica Fuentes and Audrey Cheng).

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Top 10 Outdoor Innovations

The 20th of March officially marks the start of Spring in North Hemisphere. It is the time when people spend more time outdoors and try to live-up to the unexpected ideas that spring up in everyone’s head. Connecting these two – new ideas and time outdoors – we get plenty of amazing outdoor innovations.

Top 10 Outdoor Innovations fall into three categories: (1) Technology advancements for spending time in wilderness, such as Electric Bicycle Wheel and Solar Paper; (2) Safety and Protection, include Personal Water Filter and Anti-theft Carrying Bag, and (3) Bridging recycling with style, for example Terrex Sports Shoes and Recycled Fabric Outdoor Clothes.


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Top 10 Innovation Competitions

In modern societies everyone is enabled to create the next big thing. Innovation competitions encourage independent experts from various industries to take a part in managing innovation challenges. By definition, innovation competition is an attempt by independent agents to solve an innovation challenge of a certain company.


The list of Top 10 Innovation Competitions was created based on the following criteria.

The Innovation Competition must:

  1. Have more impactful and powerful outctome/solution, than an output of product development process for corporate clients;
  2. Request for breakthrough and disruptive innovations, while incremental innovation might come as an additional option;
  3. Apply crowdsourcing practices;
  4. Have well-established mentorship and leadership program;
  5. Be regionally or globally acknowledged and authoritative competition.


Scroll down to find out what are the Top 10 Innovation Competitions, that may generate breathtaking innovations in the nearest future.


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Top 10 Innovations For Women

Both women in innovation and innovation for women are life changers. Women around the world have worked hard to reach equality, representation in governmental institutions, human rights and peace. Today more than ever before, we are proud to name the greatest female innovators and thought leaders, who have brought their breakthrough ideas to the global market.

The environment is boosting with innovations for women. These ingenious innovations make lives of women safer, easier, and more enjoyable. Some of the innovations are so well adopted, that may even raise a question: “how did women live without that before?”

Top 10 Innovations For Women can be classified into three categories: 1) Increasing the standard of life (Talwar Bindi, Inhaled Oxytocin); 2) Building/adding self-confidence (Mondays without mirrors, Shapewear); 3) Creating future comfort now (Vina Mobile Application, Bellabeat Smart Jewelry)

Scroll down to find out what are the Top 10 Innovations For Women


Bellabeat Smart Jewelry. Bellabeat

Bellabeat is a leaf-shaped bio-tracker that is designed to be worn all the time. It can be worn as a bracelet, a necklace, and a clip. It is sturdy and water-resistant, but it looks like a piece of everyday jewelry. If a woman doesn’t want Bellabeat to be visible, it is small and self effacing enough to be placed under the clothes. The Bellabeat tracks not only steps and sleep, but also a woman’s period, and it weaves all of the information together to predict how stressed she might be at any given time.

Digital Health Clinic. Maven Clinic

Maven is a digital clinic that enables women to book video appointments with its network of health practitioners. It connects women with the proper healthcare they need. By working with professionals like lactation consultants, midwives, family doctors, obstetricians, physical therapists, and more, the resources provided through the company are set out to serve female patients.

Inhaled Oxytocin. Monash University in Melbourne

A few years ago, in order to reduce maternal mortality caused by postpartum hemorrhage, or extensive bleeding after childbirth, the doctors used to inject oxytocin. This injection of oxytocin must be stored at the refrigerator and administered by the professional. Due to these critical conditions, many countries would struggle with having enough of refrigerated oxytocin for every case of emergency. Researchers at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, have developed a form of oxytocin that can be inhaled and used in rural areas to save mothers who experience hemorrhaging.

Monday Without Mirrors. Blink Fitness

Blink Fitness focuses on 'Feel-Good Experience'. Every Monday Blink Fitness covers the mirrors to promote body-positivity.  The majority of the fitness industry is blanketed by images of ‘perfect’ bodies, putting pressure on people to achieve them. Blink Fitness aims to change the rhetoric around fitness to focus on the emotional benefits of exercise, and encourage our members to take a break from the mirror and concentrate on working out to feel healthier. Healthy body should be associated with good mood.

Mujer Banorte - Banking service for women. Banorte

Mujer Banorte offers direct and online financial services and consultations, tailored precisely for women. Mujer Banorte’s range of services sets it apart from its more traditional counterparts. The service basket includes medical, legal and home (plumbing, electrical etc.) assistance in addition to traditional services such as unlimited ATM access and no minimum balance requirements.

Shapewear. Spanx

Spanx shapewear come with an inspirational history. Found by Sara Blakely, the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire, Spanx is rather simple product that back in a day answered a huge unmet need in the marketplace. Rumor has it, Sara Blakely was getting ready for a party when she realized she didn’t have the right undergarment to provide a smooth look under white pants. Armed with scissors and sheer genius, she cut the feet off her control top pantyhose and the Spanx revolution began.

Shokti Doi Yoghurt. Danone Communities

Shokti Doi is a yogurt rich in essential micronutrients, missing from many Bangladeshi diets. The ultimate goal of entering the market with this yoghurt is to provide employment opportunities to Bangladesh, one of the world’s poorest countries. Women sell this product applying door-to-door sales principle, having an opportunity to spread word-of-mouth of how this product can help them with the lack of nutrition. This innovative project of solving two social challenges women unemployment and lack of nutrition, empowers local women and gives them a chance to earn the living for themselves and their families.

Talwar Bindi. Grey Singapore

In rural India, millions of women suffer from breast cancer, fibrocystic breast disease and complications during pregnancy — many cases of which have been linked to iodine deficiencies. Grey Group Singapore came up with an elegant, simple solution to make sure women in rural India obtained the necessary dosage of the supplement by tweaking the traditional Indian beauty ornament, the bindi. In collaboration with the NGO Neelvasant Medical Foundation and Research Center to turn bindis into "Life-Saving Dots," iodine patches that dispense women's daily dosage of iodine.

Trusted Woman Consultants. Natura

It is the innovation in customer experience. Natura Cosmetics were sold by women to the other women on trust basis: women trust these products because they are recommended by a friend. This innovative sales model overcame traditional direct sales models (aka choosing the item from the catalogue). Word-of-mouth coming from one women to another was more powerful than picking an item from the catalogue. The impact was significant: Natura since its founding in Brazil in 1969,  has become one of the largest cosmetics/personal care firms in Latin America, with 2010 sales of over $3 billion. The local women were empowered and built number of various communities based on Natura Consulting projects.

Vina Mobile Application. Vina

Vina’s slogan is “For Women, By Women.” It is  best-friend-finding mobile application for budding female friendships by connecting women with similar interests. It is dedicated to building global communities of women who make each other feel supported, inspired, free, and above all else, happy.



The list of the Top 10 Innovations For Women


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