Manager (Level 3) Workshop


Growth through innovation is recognized as a strategic imperative. More than ninety five percent of all CEOs recognize the importance of Innovation and yet most are unhappy with their company’s ability to innovate and create business impact.  Innovation management is no longer just for product development and R&D but is now recognized as crucial for development of new processes, services, brands, channels, business models and growth engines across the organization. Innovation management is often believed to be an art but in reality is a science, albeit a not very well known science. Mastering innovation management increases a manager’s ability to work and make decisions around risk, uncertainty and ambiguity.

The Innovation Manager (Level 3) Workshop will cover the definition of business innovation, the barriers and enablers for making innovation real in companies, and the core principles for innovation management (platforms, portfolios, partners, pipelines, concepts and culture). Case examples such as those from companies like Apple, McDonald’s, Cemex and Samsung will be used to highlight elements of innovation management and the challenges of making it real. With our learn-by-doing principle, attendees will go through an intensive two- to three-day hands-on learning workshop spaced with individual, pair and/or team exercises. At the end of the workshop, individuals are now more equipped with the necessary skills and confidence to manage innovation across their organization.


The Innovation Manager (Level 3) Workshop covers the three core competencies of innovation management:

  • Innovation Strategy (What, Why, When and Where): Develop strategic innovation imperatives and targets, balanced and robust innovation portfolios, and a high-value innovation pipeline;
  • Innovation Capacity (Process, People and Resources): Build an innovation process from concept to customer, innovation teams and networks across the value chain, and innovation assets and resources; and
  • Innovation Discipline (Leadership, Culture and Metrics): Create a supportive and effective innovation organization through behavior and culture, metrics and monitoring, and rewards and recognition

Upon completion of this workshop, participants should walk away with:

On Innovation Strategy:

  • A clear definition of innovation.
  • A range of internal and external innovation examples.
  • A preliminary innovation strategy for your area.
  • Frameworks, tools and techniques for driving change and developing an innovation strategy and innovation concepts for your business.
  • Success and failure stories about innovation strategies from a range of companies e.g. OLPC, Johnson Controls, Natura, Verizon, etc.

On Innovation Capacity:

  • Ideas on how to bridge “disconnected” innovation processes in your company.
  • Valuation techniques for your innovation projects and pipelines.
  • Insight into the challenges of making innovation real across your organization.
  • Example organizations, structures, and roles that can speed up innovation.
  • A framework and tool to organize your resource needs and plans for acquiring them.

On Innovation Discipline 

  • An understanding of how we need to think and act differently in the context of the key barriers and drivers to innovation and the written and unwritten rules of our game.
  • Identification and dimensioning of the most important innovation-related metrics in the context of the strategic innovation objectives and initiatives of your organization.
  • Balanced scorecard and Dashboard for your Innovation strategy and implications for your performance management systems.

This workshop is designed for individuals who:

  • Are manager or director who want to advance their career into innovation management.
  • Are senior-level executives and entrepreneurs who are leading and managing the entire innovation process across their organization.
  • Are candidates for the Manager (Level 3) and/or Leader (Level 4) innovation certification.

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Global Innovation Training Schedule

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April 3-4GIMI Level 1 TrainingPorto Alegre, Brasil2 DaysIXL BrazilRegister here
December 1-3GIMI Level 1 TrainingEbene CyberCity, Mauritius3 DaysDoraCreaRegistration
December 2-4GIMI Level 1 TrainingKuala Lumpur, Malaysia3 DaysClarusRegistration
December 4-5GIMI Level 2 ProjectEbene CyberCity, Mauritius2 DaysDoraCreaRegistration
November 12-13Innovation Professional TrainingBoston, USA2 DaysIXL CenterRegistration
November 14-15INNOVA LATAM
Innovation Summit
Cartagena, Colombia2 DaysIXL CenterRegistration
November 17-19Management Consulting Level 1Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia3 DaysClarusRegistration
November 21-23GIMI Level 1 TrainingVerona, Italy3 DaysIXL
November 25-26GIMI Level 1 TrainingBogota, Colombia3 DaysIXL ColombiaRegistration
November 29-30GIMI Level 1 TrainingPorto Alegre, Brazil3 DaysIXL BrazilRegistration