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The Global Innovation Management Institute (GIM Institute or GIMI) has two types of partnership programs:

  1. GIMI Certified Ambassador (CA) — For individuals who want to create awareness around innovation standards, and promotes GIMI, its mission and vision, and its offerings to interested parties. Learn more
  2. GIMI Certified Training Provider (CTP) — For training providers who want to promote GIM Institute, its mission and vision and its offerings, and delivers innovation courses/training under the GIMI innovation certification program.


What is a GIMI Certified Training Provider (CTP)?

GIMI Certified Training Providers (CTPs) are training providers or organizations that we have approved to offer training in innovation management and issue professional development credits to meet the continuing education requirements needed by GIMI credential holders. To earn the CTP designation, a provider must meet or exceed rigorous standards for quality and effectiveness as defined by the GIM Institute.


A GIMI Certified Training Provider (CTP) is expected to perform the following:

  1. Creates awareness
    • Spread and increase awareness on innovation standards through different channels (e.g. forums, speeches, print/digital content, etc.) to increase adoption
  2. Promotes GIM Institute, its mission and vision, and its offerings
    • Market GIM Institute as the global certification board for innovation
    • Promote GIMI offerings including certifications, courses and training
  3. Deliver innovation courses, workshops or training
    • Schedule courses or workshops around innovation certification
    • Conduct training and workshops to prepare students to pass the Level 1 and 3 certification exams
    • Provide coaching to students to help them complete the innovation projects for Level 2 and 4 certifications
  4. Provide additional services to complement course and training delivery

Why Become a GIMI Certified Training Provider?

Your organization will enjoy exclusive benefits when it achieves CTP status.

GIMI Certified Training Providers (CTPs) have trained over 200 Fortune 500 companies and over 10,000 MBA students in the last few years. When you become a CTP, your organization will gain immediate recognition and greater credibility. Your business will grow as you reach our community of innovation practitioners worldwide. And, you’ll have an exclusive advantage that makes students happy: CTPs are the only organizations with exclusive access to up-to-date materials approved by GIM Institute.

GIM Institute supports CTPs with multiple tools and resources to help develop your business and meet the educational training needs of a growing profession.

Become a Certified Training Provider

We support CTPs with multiple tools and resources to help develop your business and meet the educational training needs of a growing profession.

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