Innovation Mindset Index

The Innovation Mindset Index™

  • First and only Innovation assessment based on the science of positive psychology and strengths

  • Identify your dominant Innovation Mindsets

  • Support self-awareness

  • Benchmark your Innovation Mindsets with your team and organization

  • Identifies strengths and blind spots associated with each Innovation Mindset

  • Seamless end user experience, 20 minutes to complete with automated reporting

  • Survey available in multiple languages

  • Download Sample Report


The Strategic Organisational Innovation Report is based on the Organisational Innovation Diagnostic Survey, stakeholder meetings and the individual Innovation Mindset assessment data. With these data combined we will provide insight into the organisational innovation strengths, gaps and roadblocks to help the organisation reach its full innovation potential.

Innovation Strengths and Roadblocks

Providing detailed insights about the perception of innovation in the business,  your challenges, the innovation styles, and how these link to your overall innovation strategy.

Leverage Innovation Profiles

Get a deep understanding of the innovation mindset of your people and how to successfully leverage them across the business to drive innovation initiatives.

Recommendations & Innovation Acceleration

Recommendations on how to achieve better business results through building innovation capability through accelerator programs and workshops.