GIMI Monthly Newsletter

MAY 2016

We have a new global partner

The Global Innovation Management Institute is pleased to announce a new partnership with Clarus Consulting in the Southeast Asia, aiming to make innovation a business discipline reinforced by global standards and best emerging practices.

August 2015


16 innovation ambassadors from Corporación Multi Inversiones gets GIMI certified!

On August 18, the GIM Institute in partnership with its training partner, IXL Center delivered its Train the Trainer program to 16 innovation ambassadors from Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI) with the aim of building internal innovation capability and fostering innnovation culture inside their company…

July 2015


100+ individuals from 46 Colombian SMEs gets GIMI certified!

On June 26, the GIM Institute in partnership with the IXL Center and Colciencias, had awarded more than 100 individuals from 46 companies with GIMI Levels 1, 2 and 3 innovation certificates. The innovation certification helps Colciencias achieve their program objective of mastering the innovation process and provide a framework for the SMEs to replicate the process in their organizations. The SMEs learned…

April 2015


Identify the Innovation Gaps and Understand the Root Cause

Is your organization stopping you from innovating? Global Innovation Management Institute is conducting an innovation assessment around organization’s innovation capability to understand the gaps and root cause(s) of why innovation is not happening inside an organization. The assessment takes only 5 minutes to complete.


One Month, Six Countries

This March, GIM Institute together with its training partners, ShiftIn Partners and IXL Center, were in six countries — Colombia, India, Japan, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and United States of America — to deliver Associate (Level 1) and Manager (Level 3) innovation certification workshops. A total of 700 individuals from universities and companies participated in these workshops…

March 2015


Assess Your Innovation Readiness

GIM Institute is offering a personal innovation audit tool to help you assess your readiness, current capability and skills, and innovative thinking to be an effective and high impact contributor to your organization’s innovation initiatives. Our Innovation Practitioner Audit tool focuses on five broad problem solving process required to be an effective innovation professional…



GIM Institute’s 2014 Highlights

The Global Innovation Management Institute (GIM Institute or GIMI) has made some bold and significant strides to grow and evolve in order to achieve its mission and vision. We would like to thank the many people who have contributed to GIM Institute’s advancements and accomplishments through the year: GIMI staff, Board Members, Innovation Excellence, and our university, associations and corporate partners…