IXL Innovation Olympics

World’s largest business innovation competition with over 100 sponsors and 400 teams

It is the world’s largest business innovation competition that challenges business school students to apply cutting edge innovation approaches to solve a real innovation and growth challenge from a senior executive of a major company. Teams compete with other teams from top MBA universities to provide the best growth idea within 6 weeks. All participants get professionally certified. This program runs in four cycles — January, April, July and October.

Compared to others, it is not a competition to crowdsource ideas. It is a competition with a disciplined process and tools that creates meaningful outputs that companies can take real actions on. The process is setup differently with teams of diverse individuals, coached by professional mentors, using a certified methodology and professional training. It involves an initial period of insight generation and collaboration and concludes with business case development and validation. The program involves a sequence of four major client presentations with real client feedback and guidance to assure practical results.