DateProgramLocationDurationDelivered byRegistration
June 6-8GIMI Level 1 TrainingEbene CyberCity, Mauritius3 DaysDoraCreaRegistration
June 13-15GIMI Level 1 Training Pisa, Italy3 DaysIXL ItalyRegistration
June 17 - August 5IXL Innovation OlympicsGlobal8 WeeksIXL CenterRegistration
June 21-22GIMI Level 1 Training Rome, Italy2 DaysIXL ItalyRegistration
July 10-12GIMI Level 1 TrainingPenang, Malaysia3 DaysClarusRegistration
July 15-16Management Consulting Level 3Boston, USA2 DaysIXL Center (MCI)Registration
July 22-23GIMI Level 1 TrainingHong Kong2 DaysHKIMIContact: support@giminstitute.org
July 23-25GIMI Level 1 TrainingKota Kinabalu, Malaysia3 DaysClarusRegistration
July 24-25GIMI Level 3 TrainingHong Kong2 DaysHKIMIContact: support@giminstitute.org
August 13-14GIMI Level 1 Training Boston, USA2 DaysIXL CenterRegistration
August 13-15GIMI Level 1 TrainingKuala Lumpur, Malaysia3 DaysClarusRegistration
August 15-16Chief Innovation Officer WorkshopBoston, USA2 DaysIXL CenterRegistration
August 20-22Management Consulting Level 1Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia3 DaysClarusRegistration
August 23Management Consulting Level 2Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia1 DayClarusRegistration
September 24-26GIMI Level 1 TrainingEbene CyberCity, Mauritius3 DaysDoraCreaRegistration
September 24-26GIMI Level 1 TrainingDubai, UAE3 DaysSIA PartnersRegistration
September 24-26Management Consulting Level 1Penang, Malaysia3 DaysClarusRegistration
October 8 - November 26IXL Innovation OlympicsGlobal8 WeeksIXL CenterRegistration

GIMI innovation workshops are delivered by global GIMI certified training partners

GIM Institute’s CTPs run Innovation workshops for individuals who are preparing for the Associate (Level 1) Innovation Certification and Manager (Level 3) Innovation Certification exams, or for those who are interested in gaining new knowledge around business innovation: how to generate new growth ideas or how to effectively manage innovation within an organization.



Certified Training Providers

GIMI CTP promotes GIMI and its offerings, and delivers innovation courses and training under the GIMI certification program.