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The Global Innovation Management Institute (GIM Institute) is a global nonprofit volunteer-run professional organization and your involvement makes a great impact on our mission AND contributes to your professional experience. There are several ways to get involved. GIM Institute aims to be a one-stop portal for innovation and innovation management — to help you get think and act differently, and get out of your “sandbox” to confidently deliver the desired results and impact for your organization through innovation.


Through its partnership program, GIM Institute has established presence in different regions to increase its impact and reach across the world. Our partnership program has the following objectives:

  • Promote GIM Institute and its mission/vision
  • Spread and increase the adoption of innovation standards and best practices in innovation
  • Support the continuing professional development of certified Innovation Professionals, GIMI members, and all other stakeholders in the innovation community by providing quality courses and training programs
  • Provide educational opportunities for Innovation Professionals seeking to maintain their certification under the GIMI certification program
  • Establish appropriate criteria and policies enabling GIMI to provide recognition and approval to qualifying providers of education in the field of innovation

There are two ways to become a GIMI Certified Partner:

  1. Become a GIMI Certified Ambassador (CA) – A GIMI Certified Ambassador (CA) creates awareness of innovation standards, and promotes GIMI and its offerings to interested parties. Learn more
  2. Become a GIMI Certified Training Provider (CTP) – A GIMI Certified Training Provider (CTP) promotes GIMI and its offerings, and delivers innovation courses/training under the GIMI certification program. Learn more

Interested to become a GIMI Certified Partner? Complete the GIMI Partner Application Form.


GIM Institute is continuously looking to get highly qualified and passionate innovators to serve on its board. As one of the leaders in the innovation space, being a member of the Board provides you with a stellar opportunity to continue to shape this space. A person with your experience and insight can greatly contribute to the GIM Institute’s mission to help individuals, companies and regions develop world class innovation management capabilities through global standards, testing protocols and certification.

The primary objectives of the Board are to:

  1. Review and update the standards around innovation and innovation management that will be recognized by the innovation experts, academia and the industry
  2. Develop the certifications and tests based on the created innovation standards
  3. Refine the strategy and operations to successfully run the GIM Institute

Interested to become a board member? Fill out the Contact Us Form.


Business innovation is a dynamic and exciting professional field and you’ll want to stay up to date and be connected to the right network. Become a member for all the resources that keep you informed, improve your technique and support your career. Join our communities of practice to expand the boundaries of knowledge, and to give or get advice from peers who share your interests.

We are currently looking for volunteers who are passionate on the topic of innovation and innovation management and are willing to write and share their insights to our community. Interested to volunteer? Fill out the Contact Us Form.