The world is facing huge challenges and the current education systems displays some gaps in preparing young people with the right innovation mindset to tackle these social challenges. There is need to shape our young people into future active citizens who will solve the planet’s challenges with innovative minds and compassionate spirits.

What is the problem?

The rising internet generation of young learners needs new future ready skills which are often not taught in schools

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Future Ready Skills for Teenagers‚Äč

State of our Education System‚Äč

This means that the skills for the future are often not taught in schools today

Empowering Young People to Change the World

Because everyone is an Innovator

We Need Young People to be

Active Global Citizens‚Äč

Social Innovators‚Äč

Change Leaders‚Äč

Creative & Futuristic‚Äč

To Solve Huge Social Challenges

Climate change

Water scarcity



Child labour

Refugee crisis

Mental health

Drug use




Food security

GIMI IMPACT is a certified course designed to empower high school students to build a more Compassionate and Innovative Society

GIMI IMPACT is developed to specifically build capacity by supporting educators and empowering high school Youth to build a more Compassionate and more Innovative Society.

This is the world’s first globally recognized professional certification for Community and Social Innovation designed to equip high school students with the 21st century skills such as problem solving, innovation, empathy and compassion.

The purpose is to empower them as they become next generation of leaders to tackle the biggest social challenges the world is facing.

GIMI IMPACT is equivalent to the GIMI Level 1 Innovation Associate designation and based on the globally recognized GIMI training curriculum and focused on teaching social innovation to younger ages

GIMI Impact is divided into three phases of building mastery‚Äč

GIMI IMPACT uses a well-structured course aiming to inspire young people to innovate, create innovative solutions around social challenges and present these solutions to the others

Inspire to Build Innovative Skills

Apply and Compete to solve Real-World Social Challenges

Commit by Presenting to others

Students create a better understanding of big social challenges, the costs if not solved and benefits for the society if these challenges find solutions.
Students learn the importance of innovation and innovators in the world by learning more about their characteristics.
Students learn about innovation process and techniques how to find solutions.
Students identify the challenge they will solve as a team, analyse the reasons of importance, costs and benefits if the problem is solved.
Students identify the challenge they will solve as a team, analyse the reasons of importance, costs and benefits if the problem is solved.
Students identify, select and describe 3-4 solution concepts as a team.
Students prioritize a solution concept and draw a poster for the prioritized solution concept.
Students create an action to get over challenges for implementation and develop a brochure as a visual artefact for the prioritized solution concept.
Students show & tell their results to a panel of judges.

Our pedagogy drives experiential learning and collaborative learning, and students love it

Individuals to contribute in teams, do instead of talk, and build artefacts tested through Show & Tell.




By working individually, in pairs and groups we encourage information sharing and working on better, bigger and bolder things.


How to


Our learn by doing methodology approach makes concepts and tools stick in people and companies so that they can apply them going forward.



Show & Tell

By making public commitments we encourage people to stay truthful to the purpose and vision.

What do we Provide?

The program offers a fully fledged package including the course, e-learning system, software, booklets, pilot reference and international certificate for teachers and high school students.

What is the Impact?

With GIMI Impact we are empowering future entrepreneurs and creating a community of innovation skill trainers who are building a highly dynamic learning environment to tackle community challenges
Empowered Active Global Citizens

We are empowering entrepreneurs of the future to navigate ambiguity and uncertainty with world-class problem-solving and innovation skills by training 100,000 high school students around the world

Addressing Community Challenges

We are enabling schools to adapt and respond to a highly dynamic learning environment and changing student behaviours and make them future ready

For Updated School System

The network of schools, teachers and students are together tackling and navigating complex social and community challenges with empathy and compassion through implementation of 10,000 micro-projects

Community of Innovation Skill Trainers

We are creating a community of 5,000 teachers who are enriching and simplifying the teaching of innovation in the school system using GIMI IMPACT methodology

Smart Waterloo Region Lab Case Study

The Smart Waterloo Region is the first region to adopt GIMI Impact Program

Some Results

Who is Driving this Initiative?

GIMI has created GIMI IMPACT course and certificate to spread and embed innovation in the early ages. In partnership with SWRL has piloted with 1000+ high school students and dozens of teachers in Waterloo.

GIMI is¬†the world’s largest certifying body in innovation and innovation management. It’s vision is to¬†democratize innovation¬†worldwide. GIM Institute has create Hult Prize, the biggest accelerator on social innovation, Innovation Olympics, the world largest contest involving students to solve corporate challenges, NET Impact etc. GIMI Impact is the most recent program focused on social innovation. This program marks the start of a global movement to teach innovation, compassion, and complex problem solving to K-12 students around the world.

GIMI has partnered with the Smart Waterloo Region Innovation Lab (SWIRL) to pilot GIMI IMPACT in the public school system in Canada. SWIRL aims to embed the program in the public school curricula after its pilot in Waterloo and expand in Ontario and across Canada.

Hitendra Patel
Hitendra PatelExecutive Director
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"All children begin with an innovation and growth mindset until parents and schools begin to teach them to follow the rules! We do need to teach them to follow the rules but we also need to teach them to when to break the rules and when to make the rules."

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