Become a Certified Innovation Professional Participate the next Sept 21st in the program designed for individuals looking to understand what business innovation is.

build innovation capability

Learn to generate innovation breakthroughs and get results by taking them to the action!
  • Obtain a deeper understanding of business innovation.

  • Gain confidence to work in ambiguity and uncertainty.

  • Learn the process and basic tools for business innovation.

  • Generate new growth options and execute ideas.

  • Lead teams through the innovation process to drive results.

Go from Knowledge to Mastery in a 2-Level course

For level 1 you will understand the innovation process and tools that help you get bigger and better ideas, and for level 2 you will master the skills by applying them to a real-world challenge to get results.

Level 1 - Associate | Learn the process and tools

Level 1 - Associate | Learn the process and tools

level 1 methodology
Level 2 - Master | Dominate them by applying to a real-world challenge

Level 2 - Master | Dominate them by applying to a real-world challenge

level 2 methodology

Flexible options to acquire the knowledge

GIMI offers 3 options that adapt to your schedule to receive the CIP program.

Self-Paced eCourse
4-6 weeks

For self-learners who like to go at their own pace with eLessons, videos, templates, and tutorials to learn and apply knowledge.

Group Guided eCourse
6-8 weeks

Online live workshops and online course to learn theory and tools, and practice through a guided simulation project in teams.

Group Course in Boston
1 week

Experiential learning in Boston, MA to understand first hand about innovation tools and ecosystem, and apply knowledge in a real company.

GIM Institute is the best option

GIMI is a global nonprofit professional organization driving standards for innovation management that leverage a range of core frameworks and competencies. We teach the next generation of innovators how to successfully discover innovation breakthroughs, accelerate results and build a new set of professional skills. Our mission is to help individuals, companies and regions develop world-class innovation and innovation management capabilities.

As part of the GIMI Certification Network you will be able to:
  • Advance your career and stand out.
  • Increase your value to your organization.
  • Access GIMI’s global innovation ecosystem and best practices.
  • Network and share experiences with other innovation professionals.

More than 10,000 professionals have been certified in GIMI’s programs, representing 1,500 companies from Fortune 500.

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